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International WATER Meeting in Jochberg at GRANDER and Mittersill at the Nationalparkzentrum
International WATER Seminar

More than 60 GRANDER® Distribution Partners from 20 Countries worldwide are meeting in Jochberg and Mittersill

werteVollLeben Forum Wirtschaft Kitzb├╝hel Oberndorf ArcheNEO mit Johann Graner
WerteVollLeben Forum Wirtschaft

Unter dem Motto: ÔÇ×Mit Mut, Weisheit & Verantwortung gemeinsam die Zukunft gestaltenÔÇť fand am 20. M├Ąrz das erste Forum Wirtschaft in Schrems statt - das n├Ąchste folgt am 25. April in Oberndorf in Tirol ...

Kernaussage der Forschung: Wasser kann Energie speichern
WASSERgeheimnis gel├╝ftet?

Durch die Wasserforscher von Washington hat sich die Wissenschaft der Ansicht gen├Ąhert, das Wasser Informationen speichert und zeigt dabei ganz neue Wirkmechanismen des Wassers.

Zum Weltwassertag im Hotel Rasmushof in Kitzb├╝hel ein Wellness-Wochenende gewinnen?
Mitmachen und gewinnen ....

Zum Weltwassertag verlosen GRANDER® und das Hotel Rasmushof ein belebtes Wellness-Wochenende im Hotel Rasmushof in Kitzbühel ...

GRANDER is offering many prizes on the event of World Water Day - maybe even a wellness weekend at Hotel Rasmushof in Kitbuehel at the foot of the legendary ski run - the Streif ???
World Water Day 2015

The goal of the International World Water Day on March 22nd is to create awareness for the importance of water as the basis of life for humans, the protection of water sources and their sustainable use.

Fit and Energetic by Drinking Water Regularly

We often put thought into our nutrition, but we seldom take a close look at our drinking habits ....

Johann Grander bezieht Stellung zu Unwahrheiten in Zeitungen
Ist alles in Zeitungen wahr?

Wenn etwas in der Zeitung steht, ist es dann immer wahr?
Diese Frage kann man getrost mit "Nein" beantworten. Gerade "DER STANDARD" hat sich in der Vergangenheit mit Gef├Ąlligkeitsberichten f├╝r eine Skeptiker Gruppe hervorgetan.

Silver Honorary Diploma for Johann Grander

Honorary Diploma from the Chamber of Commerce for 25 years of loyal service in the company


heating, grander, water revitalisation, water reviatalzation
Heating with GRANDER

Protect your heating system and improve its effectiveness through improved heat transfer.

Pure Enjoyment with Revitalized Water

Apart from the water quality the amount of water you drink plays a significant role in our well-being....

Photo: Eshel Ben Jacob - internationally known scientist at the "School of Physics and Astronomy" in Tel Aviv, Israel sought contact to Johann Grander and travelled to Jochberg to meet him.
Johann Grander's Life

"I was led to water, therefore I am so thankful that I was able to discover water revitalisation." (Johann Grander Sr. 1930 - 2012)

GRANDER market study confirms popularity and sustainability
Market Survey confirms acceptance and sustainability

A recent market survey in Austria on the topic of popularity, acceptance and values confirms a high recognition and sustainability of the brand GRANDER.

Use the chance and like Johann Grander did, regard water as a living element and ensure the earth doesn
The Earth is running out of drinking water

Water is to thank for the earth's abundance of life and its nick-name the "blue planet". 71% of the earth's surface consists of water and this supposedly gives reason to believe that there is an unlimited supply of water....

Cats don┬┤t read any advertising brochures about GRANDER Water
Cats don't read advertising brochures

Rita Trachsel from Switzerland tells a story about her cat that goes under one's skin

Johann Grander: Healthy living begins with revitalized water
GRANDER revitalizes

Enjoyment and a feeling of well-being - that's what GRANDER water is all about; from the refreshing shower in the morning to the comforting cup of tea in the evening.


Your Christmas Gift: the GRANDER APP can be downloaded free and you can take a huge step towards a feeling of well-being with revitalized water.

Art of Water as evidence for water┬┤s memory

Using special methods of investigation can demonstrate the effect of different information on the water and make it even  visible.

NASA und ESA are both interested in amorous water - why?
NASA is interested in amorous water

"It seems that water is in love and seeks a partner in a wonderful fashion", a young woman explains the floating water bridge.

GRANDER Elemente - Schmuckst├╝cke der besonderen Art
GRANDER Elemente

Schmuckst├╝cke der besonderen Art - bef├╝llt mit dem original GRANDER Informationswasser - belebend f├╝r K├Ârper, Geist und Seele!

Is the truth no longer important to us?

An article written by Johann Grander about the truthful content of various blogs and online sites ...

GRANDER-TV-SPOT "Wasser to enjoy"
GRANDER-TV-SPOT "Wasser to enjoy"


new TV-spot for Austria

see the clip (3 min) ...

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Waldbad Neutal has long since been equipped with GRANDER water revitalisation, initiated and looked after by GRANDER┬┤s expert advisor Valentin Kocaget.
Pleasant Swimming Experience with GRANDER

GRANDER water revitalisation in swimming pools has long since extended beyond the German-speaking boundaries and also in foreign countries both public and private swimming pools are using revitalized water according to Johann Grander.

Water revitalisation improves the inner structure of water; makes it come alive again and returns it to a high-quality beverage.
Pleasure with revitalized water

The name GRANDER is inseparably connected with the element of water. The discovery of water revitalisation through Johann Grander more than 30 years ago has gone global in the meantime.

Die Presse: Water can store information
Water can store information

There is constantly new knowledge regarding the element of water. Johannes Larch, Manager of Research & Development at GRANDER Water Revitalisation, speaks about approaches, which prove the effects of revitalized water....

Strong Partners in Health

Competence and care under four roofs - that is the claim of the RoMed Clinics having locations in Bad Aibling, Prien at Chiemsee, Rosenheim and Wasserburg on the Inn.

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