GRANDER belebt Wasser, Menschen und ihre Lebensräume
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  Water is Mysterious
  Water has its own rules
  Water is not equal water
  Drinking Water
  Things worth knowing about the element of water
    Water has a memory
    Water is a very unique substance
    Energy and Information Carrier
  Water Research
    New state of water has been found
    At the heart of research
    New aspects for biology and medicine
    Does the water bridge explain water revitalisation?
    What we know is a drop - 3 SAT
Johann Grander
  Johann Grander┬┤s Life
    Marriage and Family
    Gas Station Operator
    New orientation
    Ambassador of revitalized water
    New understanding of water
  How everything started
    The Discovery of Water
    Under the microscope
  Mining exhibit "Kupferplatte"
  Findings of Johann Grander
    In the beginning there was water
    Drug residues in water
Water Revitalisation
  The Idea
  The Concept
  The Principle
  The Effect
  In Practice
  The benefits
Areas of use
  Areas of application
  Water revitalisation devices
  Cylinder units
  Water revitalisation circuit devices
  Original GRANDER water
  GRANDER accessories
  Films Online
    Water to enjoy
    Mythos und Wirklichkeit
    Coffee and water - "ram-cans-test"
    Mostarda/Columella Mostard
    Johann Grander┬┤s 80th Birthday
    Vera Exklusiv - TV show
    What we know is a drop - 3 SAT
    Revitalised water from Austria -
    Crystal clear water for the Industry
    The Water man from Tyrol
    Silver Honorary Award of the Russian Academy
    Baking with GRANDER
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    100% Family Owned Business
    The Brand - GRANDER
    Our Team
  Grander Research and Development
    Science and Practice
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  30 years of Grander
  Johann Grander┬┤s 80th Birthday
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