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Lipizzans enjoy the benefits of GRANDER water

The Lipizzans of the Spanish Riding School have been fans of GRANDER for a long time now.

  The Spanish Riding School is considered to be immaterial cultural heritage of UNESCO.  With their many performances the white stallions have become famous well beyond the borders of Vienna.

For many years now the performances have not been limited to the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, from Paris to Birmingham, Rotterdam and Odense they have travelled far and wide to perform.  It is not an easy life for these horses.  However, they receive the best care and grooming possible.  Their life and care can be compared to that of a top athlete's:

strictly regimented day, individual meal plans, magnetic field therapy, infra-red light therapy and revitalized GRANDER water, to which they react very positively.

Since October 2003 they have been supplied with Grander water in their stalls located in the Vienna Hofburg, and since April 2005 their summer quarters in Heldenberg, Lower Austria have also had a flowing supply of Grander water.  This has proven successful according to the observations made in the Riding School in Vienna.  Since the installation of Grander Water Revitalisation the horses have been drinking 25 % more water and the incidents of colic have significantly been reduced.

Short film:

Lipizzans have been GRANDER fans for a long time (from ZIB dated 18.04.2012)


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