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GO-FAIR - (coffee) quality without compromise

Enjoying a quick cup of coffee has established itself in both companies and public buildings   The concept behind GO-FAIR combines highest quality demands with fairness and sustainability: a coffee dispenser machine with state-of-the-art technology and integrated GRANDER water revitalisation. The high quality level of GO-FAIR encompasses:

  • raw materials of top-grade bio-quality
  • recognition with the Fair Trade seal
  • sustainability
The coffee, tea and cocoa varieties originate up to 100 % from Fair Trade and bio-certified harvests. Instead of whiteners powderized bio-milk without any added substances are used. The plastic cups are replaced by 100 % composable paper cups, which are also available in the "coffee-to-go" version (with a lid).In producing high-quality and good tasting hot beverages excellent quality water is an essential basic requirement - for this reason every GO-FAIR dispenser is equipped with GRANDER water revitalisation, so that each cup of coffee or tea is made only with revitalized water. In addition, GRANDER water is available from all GO-FAIR coffee dispenser machines as well, so that high-quality drinking water is always on hand, since drinking water is important and good for one's body.To show how important high-quality water is for the production of coffee experiments involving water and coffee have been done by Edmund Mayer, the creator of the Coffee Competence Centre in Vienna,

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