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Honey for your taste buds, pleasure and soul

Lylys honey for your taste buds, pleasure and soul - made with Grander water

  With his "LyLys Design" honey the passionate bee keeper produces top-grade honey, in which the sweetness and the digestibility of nature are connected with visual elegance. 

The "liquid gold" flows into the jars in a natural state and maintains many natural ingredients, that are valuable for the human body.  Therefore, honey is not only the most natural food we can eat, but also a popular remedy.

In the production of "LyLys Design" honey GRANDER water is used - that means between the cold press and filling the honey flows through a GRANDER water revitalisation device.  Simon Toetschinger explains that this process allows the honey's aroma to unfold better on one's taste buds as well as making the honey more subtle.  The cosmic rhythm are also taken into consideration in the production - as well as possible - in order to achieve the highest possible quality of honey.

It goes back to what Johann Grander says, "The sun, moon and the entire cosmos are in natural vibrations with the earth and communicate through the element of water."

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