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Making ancient grains tasty.....

Ancient grains - prepared with GRANDER water - find various applications as well as awards in the kitchen - as proven by Biohof Brenner (organic farm)


"Products from organic agriculture not only stand for enjoyment and health, but also for sustainability," a statement made by Beate Brenner from Biohof Brenner (an organic farming business).

Since 1885 the Brenners have been running their farm, which is now in its fourth generation. The organic farm in Schoenfeld on the Wild in Austria is completely organic. Situated on granite from the Waldviertel (a forested area of Austria), which is covered with layers of burned lime deposits as well as topsoil, caraway and ancient types of grains such as spelt, wheat, hulled wheat and rye are grown.

"These sorts cannot be easily found on the market due to their low yields. Their unique taste and their valuable nutrients make them something special, therefore we concentrate our efforts in particular on these ancient grains," Beate Brenner says. The organic farm "Biohof Brenner" offers bread, various kinds of flour as well as rice from spelt, wheat and hulled wheat. In their organic shop they sell: spelt semolina, spelt flakes, spelt crumbs, spelt pasta, wheat pasta and caraway.

The joy of the grain aroma and the love of baking are the basis for all the new ideas and products created at the organic farm "Biohof Brenner", for example the unique flour and baking mixtures. On the one hand, baking of pastries made easy for everyone and on the other hand cooking whole grain meals every day, of course in organic quality, is what the Brenners' Biohof is all about!

This is how Mrs. Brenner stumbled upon Grander - during a presentation on health she became acquainted with Grander's expert consultant Fritz Hoelzl, with whom she began a discussion about water, which fascinated her. The concept of water revitalisation was very interesting for her and after a detailed consultation talk she was immediately convinced, that the "original characteristics" of the revitalized water would fit perfectly to her "original grains". The joy at Biohof Brenner was overwhelming when GRANDER water revitalisation came to their farm as a Christmas present.

Beate Brenner began her baking using revitalized water and to her fascination she had to increase the amount of water in each of her baking processes, since the dough, or rather the same amount of flour required more water now. As a result the bread became looser and lighter. In addition, she noticed positive changes in the the aroma and the consistency of the sour dough.

The success came in no time flat: just one month after the installation of the Grander water revitalisation the organic bread from Biohof Brenner was displayed at the "AB HOF MESSE" (an agricultural trade fair) in Wieselburg, where breads from all over Austria are tasted and awarded prizes every year, and won a prize. As well, this year Beate Brenners' organic bread was awarded a gold medal. Moreover, her "Herzerlbrot" was crowned the best of the federal state of Lower Austria.

If that wasn't enough: The Brenners' organic farm was nominated to win the "Genusskrone" (the highest award in Austria for farm products)! This is an enormous confirmation for the new path and all the efforts taken by Beate Brenner and her organic farm.

Beate Brenner is absolutely convinced that the Grander water revitalisation has improved her organic bread and significantly contributed to the prizes and awards that she has won. The revitalized water is used throughout the house and the entire facility - as the next step it will be installed in the heating system. Apart from the positive effects seen in the organic bread Mrs. Brenner also noticed that her family members began drinking more water than before, because "it just tasted better." In addition, there were improvements seen in terms of cleaning: "In the shower dirt doesn't stick so easily and I can get rid of calc more easily too," Beate Brenner comments.




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