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Revitalized water intensifies the aroma and strength of coffee

Grander water intensifies strength and aroma of the coffee

Water is the beverage consumed by most people, coffee is a close second....

As a hot beverage coffee has a significant tradition behind it. Although the basic ingredients, namely water and coffee, have always been the same and still are, nevertheless the coffee culture has developed considerably.

A cup of coffee consists of 97 % water

Why doesn't the espresso at home taste as good as the one at the coffee house or at the office, and why does people's favourite cappuccino taste so different at many places? "Only" three factors are responsible for the taste, the aroma and the quality of the coffee:

· the coffee itself (kind, roasting grade),

· the method of preparation (filter coffee, espresso machine coffee, coffee from a fully-automated vending machines) and

· the water.

A cup of coffee consists of up to 97% water, depending on the method of preparation. Therefore it is obvious that the optimal water quality significantly determines and influences the taste, the aroma as well as the quality of the coffee.

Optimal Water for the Production of Coffee

In order to increase the coffee enjoyment, it is recommended to use water which is fresh, cold, and that is softened but still containing minerals. Fresh water contains more oxygen and creates a more full-bodied taste. In the case of an installed water supply always use cold water with 5 - 7 German grade of hardness. If the water is too soft, this leads to bitter tasting coffee. If the water is too hard, the appearance of the beverage gets worse and doesn't create enough taste.

Coffee Experiments prove: revitalized water intensifies both aroma and strength.

Curator Edmund Mayer from Coffee Competence Centre in Vienna has done numerous experiments and tests with water to find the optimal conditions for the coffee preparation and the perfect result for coffee lovers.

In a test with a French Press he was particularly impressed with the results using revitalized Grander water.  With Grander water the ground coffee swells so much that one requires a lot more strength to push down the French press.

The results of a blind taste testing are also very impressive:  the subjects assessed the coffee prepared with revitalized water as being more tasteful, stronger and having a more intense aroma.

Coffee-to-go with revitalized water

In Austria coffee is much more than a mere beverage; without a doubt coffee is a part of everyday culture.  We want to enjoy tasty, good quality coffee everywhere and at all times.  Therefore, GOFAIR has made it their goal to offer the highest quality of coffee from vending machines to be fair to the people with high quality standards, for whom fairness and sustainability are important.

The concept was developed in co-operation with FAIR TRADE Austria and experts from the coffee industry.  Every GOFAIR vending machine is equipped with a Grander water revitalisation device, so that every cup of tea and coffee is made exclusively with revitalized water.

In addition, revitalized Grander water is offered by the GOFAIR Coffee vending machines too, so that the water drinkers are guaranteed high quality drinking water, because drinking water is important and does the body good.



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