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Water Seminar

Working together, celebrating together: Grander family with business partners, advisors and employees

  To end the year Grander invited all its business partners, advisors and employees to a comprehensive Water Seminar in Jochberg, where the guests were taken care of, warmly catered to and hosted by the Grander family and their team.

The seminar's motto was "Water and Health" and provided the 80 participants from Austria, Germany and Switzerland with intensive insight into current (water) research results, the importance of micro-organisms for water as well as people, different approaches in our changing times but also a look at the intentions and plans for the coming year.

The breaks and the festive evening events offered adequate time and opportunity to exchange experiences, answer questions and enjoy the presence of everyone.

The crowning finale of the 2-day seminar was the Christmas party, to which the Grander advisors as well as the employees of the Grander companies: Innutec, IPF and UVO were also invited.

In his speech Hans Grander warmly thanked all the advisors, employees for their loyalty and hard work they devoted to the Grander Water Revitalisation with a "revitalized gift basket" full of brand-name foods, that have been made with GRANDER water (i.e. Manner, Stiegl beer, Efko pickles, Berger ham....)

During the celebration the following employees were honoured for their many years of company hard work and devotion:

Heidi Grander (20 years)

Guenther Widmoser (20 years)

Katharina Schimetschek (10 years)


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