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Newly Certified Water Experts

The second certified water exam held at the Krems School of Tourism was successful. Grander supports the students with real life water knowledge.

  The School of Tourism HLF Krems is one of Austria's leading schools specialized in tourism.  The modern school educates future hosts of the international tourism scene using brand new learning and teaching methods.  The emphasis at this school involves practical experience, specialized as well as social competence.

At the HLF Krems School of Tourism water is a topic that receives a lot of focus.  There are few areas in which water plays such an important role as in the hotel and restaurant business.  Therefore,  the future tourism hosts are trained in Krems to be certified water experts.

On January 10th, 2013 the second certified water exam successfully took place:  13 candidates are now pleased to have earned the title of "Certified Water Expert".  The first exam of this kind was held in November 2010 with great results as well.

The school is equipped with GRANDER drinking fountains and in addition, Heinz Breuer (GRANDER) provides the students with practical experience regarding water knowledge during their lessons and is a member of the examination board.

We congratulate the newly certified water experts!


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