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World Championship Schladming 2013

World Championship in Schladming: with revitalized Grander water through the Kitzbuehel evening: Armin Assinger and Uschi Hollinger

  From February 4th to 17th, 2013 Schladming is once again  the trending hub of the Alpine sporting scene.  With a crowd of 10,000 spectators the 42nd Ski World Championships were officially opened - with a program from "Best of Austria", which featured an appearance by the famous Lipizzans.  These amazing animals have been drinking GRANDER water exclusively now for many years and they thrive on it.

Just in time for the start of the Ski World Championships TirolBerg also opened its doors.  Having the motto "The Place of World Champions" not only successful ski athletes, but also representatives from the world of sport, business, culture, media and politics will have the honour of experiencing the unique atmosphere of TirolBerg.

On February 10th TirolBerg together with its tried and true tourism partner, Kitzbuehel,  presented its guests with tasty culinary treats, cosy Tyrolean atmosphere and lots of entertainment.  More than 200 invited guests were offered food by star chef, Bobby Braeuer, and the students of the Wilder Kaiser School of Tourism from St. Johann did an awesome job in serving.  Adding to the exquisite flair of the wonderful food guests were served "world champion" wine from the well-known winery Scheiblhofer from Andau, Burgenland.  Many guests were thrilled to be served Original GRANDER Water from the blue bottles.

Truly a world champion evening - if it was up to us, ALL the athletes and people responsible for the event in Schladming including the star guests at the opening ceremony, the Lipizzans, would receive a "gold medal".

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