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World Water Day on March 22nd

Make conscious WATER steps with us, not only on World Water Day, but 365 days of the year.

  Amongst the broad public and politics the World Water Day stands for the importance of water as a fundamental element of life for humans.

The first mention of "The Year of Water" by the United Nations dates back to 2003.  The 58th UN General Assembly declared the time period 2005 - 2015 as the "World Decade of Water" on December 23rd, 2003.

Many water activities around the globe should initiate a closer look at one of our most valuable resources.

Grander also supports the World Water Day through numerous events.  Whether it is the special symbiosis entitled "Water and Bread" or the school event "What role does water play in my life?" - the goal is to increase people's appreciation for water as well as creating more awareness about water.

>> informs about water, provides an overview of all events and offers fantastic contests .... for example:  a revitalized wellness weekend in Kitzbuehel in the heart of Tyrol, Austria.


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