Romantic Spa Hotel "White Horse Inn" - A good piece of Austria

Sustainable economy is the order of the day - GRANDER® water is a part of this

Romantic Spa Hotel "White Horse Inn" - A good piece of Austria @ Weisses Roessl Hotel at Wolfgangsee
Guests, who enter the world famous Weissen Roessl - White Horse Inn - at Lake Wolfgang, Austria, are spoiled in a special way.  GRANDER® water is flowing every where.  The innkeeper of the world renowned hotel in St. Wolfgang is an exact computer.  And, it is precisely this fact that convinced him to use GRANDER® water revitalisation.    

For the Roessl owner, Helmut Peter, it wasn't a question of the basis effect of GRANDER® water revitalisation, since he had done extensive research by other businesses having a similar structure and was convinced, but he was more interested in the variety of applications it would offer.

Peter wanted to know exactly, therefore he had his water values tested prior to and after the installation.  His result: "The corrosion situation with the rust sedimentation deposits within the entire heating system improved - the water in the heating pipes was clear as glass and odourless - and the bacteriological balance of the water also improved."

The revitalized GRANDER® water is used throughout the entire house at the Weissen Roessl Hotel and is available for all guests to enjoy even in the building's own indoor swimming pool.