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Some quotes from letters and e-mails from satisfied GRANDER® users

GRANDER® Inline Unit GRANDER® GRANDER® Inline Unit
Some excerpts from mail we have received from our customers:

Customer P.M. wrote to us on 2 July 2018:

Since 18 June, there has been Grander water in our whole apartment. As to the effect: it is simply WOW.

Customer T.v.A. sent us a message via Facebook on 1 July 2018:

We have been using Grander for our drinking water and heating system for ten years and are very content. A colleague of mine refurbishes expensive cars and when washing these cars, he swears by Grander water. We do not (yet) have Grander in our shared garage. A short while ago, we connected a hose to one of the taps in our house to wash a sports car in the garage. In my opinion, you could clearly see the difference.

Customer X.Y. wrote to us on 27 July 2018:

Yes, the unit works, is somehow fun to watch, and often sparks interesting conversations ... Many have heard of it but apparently hesitate to install one for themselves or shy away from making the investment. We will see how it goes ... I feel good knowing that I drink Grander water.

Customer K.F. wrote to us on 4 June 2018:

... very content with the water. By now, the rust in the pipes has almost disappeared. Water jugs and the coffee machine’s water tank stay clean for longer. Before, there was a kind of ‘slime’ on the tank’s bottom. Also drinking significantly more water.

Customer Sheila F. from F. wrote to us on 17 May 2018:

We have had Grander water for a year now and are absolutely astonished about its effects. Lime deposits have clearly declined and are easier to remove. As a result, we use much smaller amounts of cleaning agents. We also feel the effect when having a shower. Hair becomes softer and again, less shampoo is required. Ever since installing Grander, we have been drinking much more water because it simply tastes better.

Customer B.T. wrote to us on 12 February 2018:

I just talked to the upstairs neighbor in the hall. She and her husband are very happy with their Grander installation. On said Monday, they had been away on a short getaway (at a hotel that also happened to have Grander water).
My neighbor told me that back from the trip, she could clearly feel the pleasant change in the drinking water, when showering, and also when cooking ... She said they were very happy about the installation.
In the past, they had repeatedly asked the building’s owner to install a deliming system, but he had always refused. But now, my neighbor told me, they were happy about the owner’s decision because otherwise, they could not have installed a Grander unit.
So that is their positive feedback. Of course, we are also very happy about our installation!

Customer H.N. wrote to us:

We feel that the water we drink and shower with is softer. We use less shower gel. Washcloths stay fresh for longer. We use no-brand detergent for our laundry and get good results. I gave my former boss your contact data; he might call you one of these days.

Customer X.Y. wrote to us:

A few days ago, we had a plumber decalcify our boiler for the first time in six (!) years, and what we learned is amazing. The local plumber we hired for the job – who knows the region’s circumstances very well – was astonished to find so little lime. And what was more: it did not take much mechanical effort to remove it from the heating elements. It simply trickled down like sand. The heating pump’s heating rods were also cleaned in no time. Before cleaning our boiler, the plumber had insisted it was high time to remove lime deposits, but when he was done, he recommended cleaning the boiler again in six years. I mentioned the ‘Grander water effect’ and he replied that ‘might well be the case.’

Customer T.S. wrote to us:

So we have had Grander water in the house for several months now and we are great fans. The water is much softer, which you can feel when you take a shower and particularly when you wash your hair. We need less shampoo, shower gel, and also much less body lotion. Coffee and tea made with Grander water taste so much better: the taste is just more elegant. There is visibly less lime and the deposits have a finer structure, making them easier to remove. I have also noticed that I need less cleaning agents now that I use Grander water. We drank tap water even before we had a Grander Inline Unit installed. But now drinking tap water is even more enjoyable. It tastes so fresh. Even some of our visitors have noticed that our water is special. We simply cannot imagine life without Grander water anymore.


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