Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Drinking water changes; revitalizes; regenerates.

A balanced water supply and biologically high-quality water are important requirements for the functioning of our entire organisms.
Water is not only essential, but it also supports our feeling of well-being, beauty and vitality. Water cleanses from the inside, since the body requires water to rid itself of toxins, it is considered the best biological cleansing mechanism. It helps the blood circulate through all the organs, it boosts our metabolism and it strengthens our immune system.

Conscious drinking habits improve one’s feeling of well-being
Trust your body’s signals! If you feel thirsty, it is high time to drink something. For an improved feeling of well-being and increased performance, it is a good idea to have a drink of water before you even feel thirsty.
A loss of feeling thirsty can lead to dehydration, and becomes evident when the body has had to go for longer periods of time without water. This means, that the less we drink, the less we feel thirsty.
So: drink, drink, drink – and not just when you feel thirsty!

2 Liters or more each day

Depending on your body weight it is recommended that you drink 2 liters or more every day.  Under certain conditions such as sports, increased physical activity, hot climates, etc your water intake will have to be increased even more.

Test Your Drinking Habits

The GRANDER Water Drinking Pass accompanies you on your way to becoming more aware of your wate drinking habits.  A table serves as a means of orientation to your personal, conscious approach to water.


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