GRANDER belebt Wasser, Menschen und ihre Lebensräume

Welcome to the world of revitalized water

Water just like from the source.....

GRANDER - Water just like from the source..... The GRANDER Water Revitalisation is a process, which helps your tap water to a biologically higher quality. It ...

â—Ź tastes good and is easy to drink
● supports one’s wellbeing
● is gentle on one’s skin and hair
â—Ź helps  reduce the use of laundry/cleaning detergents
â—Ź decreases building of lime and rust

GRANDER Water Revitalisation – in various models – is used everywhere that water flows:

>> Drinking Water    >> Heating Water    >> Swimming Pools/Wellness    >> Ponds/Biotopes    >> Agriculture   >> Cooling and Process Water


  • GRANDER Christmas Seminar: Presentation of the silver honorary diploma of the Chamber of Commerce
    GRANDER Christmas Seminar
    Highly interesting and well-attended seminar with many awards for long-standing loyalty....
  • Children are preparing christmas buscuits at the pastry shop Lorenzoni in Kirchberg i.Tirol
    Christmas biscuits with GRANDER

    Who doesn´t like the cinnamon star-shaped biscuits, Viennese whirls or perhaps gingerbread? Not to mention the wonderful baked Christmas loaf ...



  • GRANDER Accessories are a very special Christmas present.....
    A very special Christmas present.....
    Are you looking for that special Christmas present? High quality, natural, sustainable and soothing.
  • GRANDER Elements - A Special Kind of Jewellery
    GRANDER Elements successfully presented
    On October 22nd the new jewellery collection GRANDER Elements was successfully presented to the public.
  • GRANDER Elemente - SchmuckstĂĽcke der besonderen Art
    GRANDER Elemente
    Schmuckstücke der besonderen Art - befüllt mit dem original GRANDER Informationswasser - belebend für Körper, Geist und Seele!
  • Is the truth no longer important to us?
    An article written by Johann Grander about the truthful content of various blogs and online sites ...
  • heating, grander, water revitalisation, water reviatalzation
    Heating with GRANDER

    Protect your heating system and improve its effectiveness through improved heat transfer.

  • GRANDER-TV-SPOT "Wasser to enjoy"
    GRANDER-TV-SPOT "Wasser to enjoy"
    NEW - NEW - NEW - NEW - NEW - NEW - NEW - NEW

    new TV-spot for Austria

    see the clip (3 min) ...

    >> NOW  <<
  • Revitalized water tastes great and is good for one´s body
    All the way from drinking no water to being a water enthusiast
    As trite as it may sound, drinking water doesn't always come naturally
  • Animals are intelligent, natural inclined and follow their instincts.
    Bees know instinctively what is good for them
    Animals have different "senses" compared to humans to ensure their survival. Their organism is very sensitive and therefore many animals "recognize" revitalized water and react particularly positive to it.
  • Water revitalisation improves the inner structure of water; makes it come alive again and returns it to a high-quality beverage.
    Pleasure with revitalized water
    The name GRANDER is inseparably connected with the element of water. The discovery of water revitalisation through Johann Grander more than 30 years ago has gone global in the meantime.
  • Waldbad Neutal has long since been equipped with GRANDER water revitalisation, initiated and looked after by GRANDER´s expert advisor Valentin Kocaget.
    Pleasant Swimming Experience with GRANDER
    GRANDER water revitalisation in swimming pools has long since extended beyond the German-speaking boundaries and also in foreign countries both public and private swimming pools are using revitalized water according to Johann Grander.
  • Die Presse: Water can store information
    Water can store information
    There is constantly new knowledge regarding the element of water. Johannes Larch, Manager of Research & Development at GRANDER Water Revitalisation, speaks about approaches, which prove the effects of revitalized water....
  • Strong Partners in Health
    Competence and care under four roofs - that is the claim of the RoMed Clinics having locations in Bad Aibling, Prien at Chiemsee, Rosenheim and Wasserburg on the Inn.
  • The Joy of Revitalized Water
    Apart from the water quality the amount of water you drink plays a significant role in our well-being....
  • Photo: Eshel Ben Jacob - internationally known scientist at the "School of Physics and Astronomy" in Tel Aviv, Israel sought contact to Johann Grander and travelled to Jochberg to meet him.
    Johann Grander's Life
    "I was led to water, therefore I am so thankful that I was able to discover water revitalisation." (Johann Grander Sr. 1930 - 2012)
  • GRANDER market study confirms popularity and sustainability
    Market Survey confirms acceptance and sustainability
    A recent market survey in Austria on the topic of popularity, acceptance and values confirms a high recognition and sustainability of the brand GRANDER.
  • Plants thrive well with Grander
    When spring arrives......
    Both in flowers and plants is the onset of spring particularly evident....
  • The Distillery Kohlmann from Burgenland, Austria takes home 2 gold, 6 silver and 1 bronze medal with its "Zweigelt Traubenhefebrand" (produced with GRANDER water revitalisation) at the "Destillata 2014"
    Destillata Gala 2014
    The European Noble Brandy scene honoured the BEST of their craft together with 350 guests at the Salzburger Stieglkeller on March 14th.
  • Use the chance and like Johann Grander did, regard water as a living element and ensure the earth doesn
    The Earth is running out of drinking water
    Water is to thank for the earth's abundance of life and its nick-name the "blue planet". 71% of the earth's surface consists of water and this supposedly gives reason to believe that there is an unlimited supply of water....
  • Cats don´t read any advertising brochures about GRANDER Water
    Cats don't read advertising brochures
    Rita Trachsel from Switzerland tells a story about her cat that goes under one's skin
  • Special Co-operation: RIEDEL Glass and GRANDER revitalized water
    Special Co-operation: RIEDEL Glass and GRANDER revitalized water
    Riedel Glass (founded in 1756) has been manufacturing glass for over 250 years and for 11 generations in the heart of Europe. The family-run company is led by Georg J. Riedel (10th generation) and Maximilian J. Riedel (11th generation).
  • Johann Grander: Healthy living begins with revitalized water
    GRANDER revitalizes
    Enjoyment and a feeling of well-being - that's what GRANDER water is all about; from the refreshing shower in the morning to the comforting cup of tea in the evening.
    Your Christmas Gift: the GRANDER APP can be downloaded free and you can take a huge step towards a feeling of well-being with revitalized water.
  • Besondere Kooperation: RIEDEL Glas und GRANDER belebtes Wasser

    Riedel Glas Austria produziert seit Generationen qualitativ hochwertige Gläser und Dekanter. Seit Herbst 2013 setzt auch das für Design weltweit bekannte Unternehmen auf die GRANDER Wasserbelebung...
  • Schenken Sie Wohlbefinden!

    Sie suchen ein wertvolles Geschenk? Das neue GRANDER Belebungs-Set ist die perfekte Ăśberraschung.

  • GRANDER Water - biological and high quality
    Water - the old, yet new lifestyle drink
    Water is a symbol for enjoyment since drinking water is good and does so much good. Although it is older than mankind itself, water is trendier than ever before.
  • Art of Water as evidence for water´s memory
    Using special methods of investigation can demonstrate the effect of different information on the water and make it even  visible.
  • NASA und ESA are both interested in amorous water - why?
    NASA is interested in amorous water
    "It seems that water is in love and seeks a partner in a wonderful fashion", a young woman explains the floating water bridge.
  • das wunderschön im Herzen von Saalbach-Hintgerglemm gelegene ALPIN JUWEL
    ALPIN JUWEL in neuem Glanz!

    Das modernisierte Lifestylehotel erscheint in neuem Glanz. Die Gäste erwartet eine einzigartige Panoramalage im Herzen von Saalbach-Hinterglemm.
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