GRANDER belebt Wasser, Menschen und ihre Lebensräume

Welcome to the world of revitalized water

  • Hans and Heribert Grander draw "Kathrin Schneider" as the winner of the World Water Day Contest.
    And the winner of World Water Day is .....
    Michaela Kaiser from Wolken, Germany is the lucky winner of the Wellness Weekend in Kitzbuehel.
  • Plants thrive well with Grander
    When spring arrives......
    Both in flowers and plants is the onset of spring particularly evident....
  • The Distillery Kohlmann from Burgenland, Austria takes home 2 gold, 6 silver and 1 bronze medal with its "Zweigelt Traubenhefebrand" (produced with GRANDER water revitalisation) at the "Destillata 2014"
    Destillata Gala 2014
    The European Noble Brandy scene honoured the BEST of their craft together with 350 guests at the Salzburger Stieglkeller on March 14th.
  • Use the chance and like Johann Grander did, regard water as a living element and ensure the earth doesn
    The Earth is running out of drinking water
    Water is to thank for the earth's abundance of life and its nick-name the "blue planet". 71% of the earth's surface consists of water and this supposedly gives reason to believe that there is an unlimited supply of water....
  • Am Weltwassertag gibt es mit GRANDER viel zu gewinnen - vielleicht sogar ein Wellnesswochenende in Kitzb├╝hel am Fu├če der legend├Ąren Streif im Hotel Rasmushof ???
    Weltwassertag 2014
    Das Ziel des Internationalen Weltwassertages am 22. M├Ąrz ist es, auf die Bedeutung des Wassers als Lebensgrundlage f├╝r die Menschheit, den Schutz der Wasservorkommen und deren nachhaltige Nutzung aufmerksam machen.
  • Zum Weltwassertag im Hotel Rasmushof in Kitzb├╝hel ein Wellness-Wochenende gewinnen?
    Mitmachen und gewinnen ....
    Zum Weltwassertag verlosen GRANDER und Hotel Rasmushof ein belebtes Wellness-Wochenende im Ski- und Golf-Hotel Rasmushof in Kitzb├╝hel ...
  • Cats don┬┤t read any advertising brochures about GRANDER Water
    Cats don't read advertising brochures
    Rita Trachsel from Switzerland tells a story about her cat that goes under one's skin
  • Grander supports Special Olympics Austria
    For humans, that need support....
    We want to help all humans with mental disabilities to integrate themselves in society in a way that they are accepted and respected.
  • Special Co-operation: RIEDEL Glass and GRANDER revitalized water
    Special Co-operation: RIEDEL Glass and GRANDER revitalized water
    Riedel Glass (founded in 1756) has been manufacturing glass for over 250 years and for 11 generations in the heart of Europe. The family-run company is led by Georg J. Riedel (10th generation) and Maximilian J. Riedel (11th generation).
  • Johann Grander: Healthy living begins with revitalized water
    GRANDER revitalizes
    Enjoyment and a feeling of well-being - that's what GRANDER water is all about; from the refreshing shower in the morning to the comforting cup of tea in the evening.
    Your Christmas Gift: the GRANDER APP can be downloaded free and you can take a huge step towards a feeling of well-being with revitalized water.
  • Besondere Kooperation: RIEDEL Glas und GRANDER belebtes Wasser

    Riedel Glas Austria produziert seit Generationen qualitativ hochwertige Gl├Ąser und Dekanter. Seit Herbst 2013 setzt auch das f├╝r Design weltweit bekannte Unternehmen auf die GRANDER Wasserbelebung...
  • Schenken Sie Wohlbefinden!

    Sie suchen ein wertvolles Geschenk? Das neue GRANDER Belebungs-Set ist die perfekte ├ťberraschung.

  • The gold of the grassy mountains - Claude Alberth goes on an adventure trip and discovers GRANDER water in the Stephanie drainage tunnel
    "The Gold of the Grassy Hilltops"
    The documentary "The Gold of the Grassy Hilltops" offers an adventurous trip over unknown paths...
  • Wellness through revitalized water
    Wellness through revitalized water
    Many guests do not want to do without GRANDER as spas and wellness facilities ...

  • Nowadays it is evident that Granders knowledge and insights are more current than ever.
    Erkenntnisse eines vision├Ąren Naturforschers
    Some people are simple ahead of their time.  They recognize revolutionary connections, which become understood only after many years time.
  • GRANDER Water - biological and high quality
    Water - the old, yet new lifestyle drink
    Water is a symbol for enjoyment since drinking water is good and does so much good. Although it is older than mankind itself, water is trendier than ever before.
  • Art of Water as evidence for water┬┤s memory
    Using special methods of investigation can demonstrate the effect of different information on the water and make it even  visible.
  • Hans Grander invites everyone to take a holistic approach to water....
    Dear Water Friends!
    My father's statements about nature, life and in particular water are now over 30 years old and if I take a close look at them, then it becomes evident that his knowledge corresponds more than ever to that of modern science.....
  • NASA und ESA are both interested in amorous water - why?
    NASA is interested in amorous water
    "It seems that water is in love and seeks a partner in a wonderful fashion", a young woman explains the floating water bridge.
  • The GRANDER cat knew many years ago: revitalized water is good for you and tastes good too.....
    GRANDER revitalizes everyday life.
    From the refreshing shower in the morning to the relaxing cup of tea in the evening......
  • das wundersch├Ân im Herzen von Saalbach-Hintgerglemm gelegene ALPIN JUWEL
    ALPIN JUWEL in neuem Glanz!

    Das modernisierte Lifestylehotel erscheint in neuem Glanz. Die G├Ąste erwartet eine einzigartige Panoramalage im Herzen von Saalbach-Hinterglemm.
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