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GRANDER revitalizes everyday life.

The GRANDER cat knew many years ago: revitalized water is good for you and tastes good too.....

For hundreds of thousands of users around the globe over the past 30 years GRANDER has become an indispensable part of their lives, since the water revitalisation device by Johann Grander has been on the market.

Revitalized water tastes softer and milder, thereby motivating one to drink "more"; it encourages people to drink and cleanses the body from the inside.  By means of water revitalisation the (drinking) water regains its original, powerful characteristic and capabilities and through this becomes a biologically high-quality as well as valuable beverage.

Cooking and Eating: 
The effect of the GRANDER water revitalisation on food can be seen and tasted:  the taste of the food is intensified, flavouring and seasonings can develop better and be sustained longer.  But the water revitalisation also has a positive effect on the freshness, lastingness and digestibility of the food.  Therefore, more and more professional and hobby chefs as well as gourmets are using exclusively GRANDER water in their kitchens.  On the shelves at the supermarkets one can also find many well-known food items, for which revitalized water was used in their production, for example:  Manner Schnitten (wafers with chocolate), Efko Pickles, Berger Ham, Stiegl beer, etc.

Bathing and Showering: 
Not only should be look after our well-being from the inside, but we should also do our bodies some good too.  Satisfied users report that their skin feels softer and silkier after bathing with revitalized water.  In addition, their skin is less dried out and the elasticity is enhanced.

Animals know instinctively what is good for them, for this reason they choose revitalized water over conventional water.

 Plants and Gardens: 
Plants blossom with GRANDER water is the true sense of the word.  Their sensitive organisms absorb the revitalized water intensively and react with wonderful flowering growth, bigger harvest and strength.

 Swimming and Wellness: 
The GRANDER water revitalisation improves the water quality in private and public swimming pools, whereby the use of chemicals can be significantly reduced.  The pool guests can enjoy a pleasant, fresh swimming water quality; the owners appreciate the reduction in chemical use and the maintenance involved, and thereby make an important contribution to the protection of the environment.

GRANDER enables clean, odor-neutral heating and cooling water.  Without using any additives the heating water is newly revitalized.  A fresh dynamic and self-cleaning power is returned to the water, having the effect that problems with deposits, corrosion and silting of the heating pipes, radiators, floor and wall heating systems will all be dissolved.  The newly gained power of the heating water results in a more pleasant room temperature and a natural, cosy warmth.

Would you also like to improve the water in your everyday life? 

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