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The headquarters in Jochberg in Tyrol, Austria holds the GRANDER® company know-how and is the place where the information water is produced for the various water revitalisers.  The water revitalisation devices are also filled at this location, the attractive glass bottles are filled with the Original GRANDER® Water and the worldwide distribution activites are co-ordinated. Today, hundreds of people earn their living for themselves and their families through the GRANDER® Water Revitalization globally.

Whether in the far north or deep in the south, whether in Europe or Asia - the entire Grander family, the company surrounding the GRANDER® brand, the expert advisers as well as the customers all support each other and enjoy a special kind of closeness.

The competent and well-trained GRANDER® expert advisers are water specialists and are available to answer any and all questions regarding water on site for the GRANDER® customers and interested people.  The expert advisers understand how to deal with individual water situations on site, to analyse and achieve the best possible, long-term water quality with the given measures.  A (free-of-charge and noncommittal) consultation forms the basis for the optimal water quality at home, at the office, in the company, at the hotel, in the swimming pool or pond, in agriculture ...

"Just like there are no two people alike, there are no two waters the same anywhere around the world." (Johann Grander)


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Erfolgreicher GRANDER®-Messeauftritt auf der Hotel

Erfolgreicher GRANDER®-Messeauftritt auf der Hotel


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Restoration Success with GRANDER® revitalized water


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