GRANDER® Water Revitalization in Practice

GRANDER® works wherever water flows

Martin Rietzler and Suzanne Gossen from NATUERLICH HOTEL MIT CHARAKTER in Fiss, Tyrol, Austria are happy to spoil their guests with GRANDER® Water.

The areas of application for GRANDER® Water Revitalization range from private households all the way to commercial and industrial uses.  The installation is carried out directly at the main water pipe.  Alternatively, there are units for single installations, apartments and for mobile use.

The revitalizing effect of GRANDER® Water Revitalization Units also persists under difficult circumstances. Sporadical use, longer periods of downtime or wide-ranging pipe sysems do not impair the GRANDER® Units' functionality - it stays constant for several years and does not decrease through intensive use. The effect has been confirmed by users all over the world for more than 20 years and the revitalization effect is in no way decreased with more intensive use.

GRANDER® Water Revitalization Units

  • only require energy from nature
  • don't need electricity
  • don't require chemical additives
  • are service and maintenance-free

GRANDER® Water Revitalization Units are manufactured with durable high-quality stainless steel, guaranteeing a long lifespan


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