Animal welfare & Animal breeding


promotes the development of your animals

Animals instinctively prefer revitalized water according to Johann Grander, because it promotes the development and growth of your animals.

increases the performance

GRANDER water increases the general well-being, balance and performance of animals.

makes animals more resilient

Revitalized water strengthens the resistance and resilience of animals and thus contributes significantly to a healthier and longer life.

reduces medical support

On the other hand, this means that GRANDER water revitalization sustainably reduces the need for medical intervention and the use of medication.

reduces odor nuisance

GRANDER water has a positive effect on microorganisms involved in the process and therefore reduces the odor nuisance of e.g. liquid manure and waste water plants.
  • Wie sind Grander Wasserbelebungsgeräte aufgebaut?

Customer experience

  • Spanish Riding School in Vienna

    They are as emblematic of Austria and Vienna as St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Giant Ferris Wheel, and the Vienna Opera House: the Spanish Riding School’s Lipizzaner horses. In October 2003, a GRANDER® Inline Unit was installed in the Vienna stables of the Spanish Riding School. In April 2005, another one was installed in the horses’ summer quarters in Heldenberg, Lower Austria.

  • Organic Farm in Denmark

    In the small village of Aulum, halfway between the neighboring towns of Holstebro and Herning, Anders Laugesen and his wife run an organic farm comprising 120 cows and about 200 hectares of land, which is primarily used for growing crops and grass for the dairy cattle.

  • Bees follow their instinct and are attracted to GRANDER water

    Bees know what is good for them.  The organism of animals is very sensitive and therefore, many animals "recognize" revitalized GRANDER® water and react very positively to it.

  • Well-loved cat - beautiful, shiny fur

    The painter Anton Haneberg and his partner Eleonore swear by GRANDER®. "Our cat, Miezele, always had dandruff," the cat owner explains.  "Since installing GRANDER® I always put a little on the cat food, place bowls with water everywhere and the dandruff is gone."

  • Grosse Kintrup Dairy Farm - natural and gentle milk production

    For generations now Leonhard Grosse Kintrup's family has been running their farm, which is embedded in the Muensterland park landscape and surrounded by green fields.  "At the moment we get milk from 220 cows for the many valuable milk products on our farm.  A modern stall, feed without genetic engineering and GRANDER® water are the keys our success."

  • Farmer Kamp

    On the farm of Erich kamp the cows get to enjoy the revitalized GRANDER® water.  "Water is an important factor in agriculture in keeping the animals healthy and ensuring good production.  My cows are also healthier, more fertile and produce more milk," Kamp summarizes.

  • Joy-Dog Hundeschule und Hundepension in Kaltbrunn/SG - Wohler kann sich ein Hund nicht fühlen!

    Der dipl. Hundetrainer René Meier führt gemeinsam mit seiner Frau Irene die Joy-Dog Hundeschule und die Joy-Dog Hundepension in Kaltbrunn. Als dipl. Hundetrainer sowie Experte SKN ist René Meier zudem ausgebildeter Tierpfleger, SKN-Experte und von klein auf mit Hunden aufgewachsen.

  • Koi's schwimmen in GRANDER belebtem Wasser

    In Woringen bei Memmingen lebt das Ehepaar Grauer.  In ihrem wunderschön angelegten Teich schwimmen zahlreiche kleinere und größere Koi-Fische. Die Fische benötigen sehr viel Aufmerksamkeit und Pflege. Es muß einfach alles passen, damit die Fische gesund und munter bleiben.


GRANDER Inline Units

GRANDER Inline Units

GRANDER Inline Units are available for installation in the main water supply of private houses, medium-sized and large buildings as well as industrial plants.

GRANDER Flexible Unit

GRANDER Flexible Unit

Pocket-size device that can quickly and easily be installed in showers, mobile homes, vacation domiciles, on outside taps in the garden, etc.

GRANDER Apartment Units

GRANDER Apartment Units

The top of the existing isolation valve can easily be replaced by the VAS valve adapter fitting (as per DIN 3512). This makes it possible to quickly install the GRANDER Apartment Units into existing supply pipes without cutting or prying open the pipe of the apartment or flat. These GRANDER Apartment Units are also available for screwable ISTA water meters.

GRANDER Energy Rod Double

GRANDER Energy Rod Double

The GRANDER Energy Rod Double is available in two sizes for submersion in suitable locations.

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