Why Revitalized Water Increases Your Well-Being

You may ask yourself what reasons could speak in favor of revitalized water, especially in regions that have high-quality water in abundance. The explanation is both simple and convincing: for your well-being, only the highest quality of water is good enough.

10 Tips for Drinking Enough Water

When it’s hot outside like now, it becomes particularly important to stay hydrated. But it is not only about the QUANTITY of water we consume: the water’s QUALITY is also a crucial factor for our well-being.

Make the Most of Your Water

Revitalize your water for a better life. There’s nothing like revitalized water to refresh body and mind quickly and easily. GRANDER® turns your local tap water into top-quality revitalized water, i.e. natural, organic, valuable water that comes with limescale protection.

It’s All in the Water

Research confirms what GRANDER® users have known for a long time: GRANDER® water revitalization makes all the difference –there is evidence for that. GRANDER® turns tap water into an exquisite drink the whole family will happily turn to. Instinctively favoring the natural water over artificially sweetened soft drinks, the whole family will feel more balanced, energized, and find it easier to focus.

Product of the Month of July: GRANDER® Flexible Unit

Enjoy the best water quality also when you are traveling: a GRANDER® Flexible Unit goes wherever you go. In your mobile home or on board of a ship, whether you are traveling the world or relaxing in your garden – a GRANDER® Flexible Unit will reliably improve the water quality in all of these areas.

Customer and User Voices on the EFFECTS OF GRANDER® WATER REVITALIZATION – Part 7: Recommending GRANDER®

In late 2019, we polled long-standing GRANDER® customers from Austria and Germany on their experience and on how satisfied they were with GRANDER® water revitalization. In addition to analyzing their feedback on various fields of use, we also asked whether they would recommend GRANDER® and GRANDER® consultants to others. Read on to find out what customers said.

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