The Allure of Water

Join water expert Heinz Breuer on a fascinating journey through the world of water without leaving the comfort of your home. An exciting reflection on the element of water, new knowledge gained from water observation, and a discussion of the varied applications and perks of GRANDER® water revitalization are awaiting you.


Baking with GRANDER

As every year, the holiday season inspires many people to knead some cookie dough. Both professional and hobby bakers know that water plays a crucial role for every type of dough. After all, the finished product, may it be cake, bread, or Christmas cookies, can only be as good as the ingredients used.


Vacationing at Home: Enjoying a Swim in Top-Quality Water

Having your own swimming pool in your garden makes for many happy and relaxed hours for the whole family. With a pool, you can enjoy a mini-vacation in your own garden every weekend. Whether you like swimming a few laps before breakfast, having fun playing in the water with the kids, or taking a relaxing dip in the evening: a pool is a great source of joy throughout the summer – provided that the water quality is alright.


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