Our knowledge is a mere drop

New knowledge in water research

Water research is only at the beginning, according to well-known scientists.  Interesting and new water knowledge shown on 3sat October 22nd, 2008 for the first time.
  • ability to remember and memory of water
  • flammable ocean water through radio waves
  • water bridges
  • information transfer and much more

The properties of water seemed to be clear, however new "abnormalities" are constantly being discovered.  In the USA, it is believed that ocean water can be made flammable with radio waves.  In Austria, a young research team has built a water bridge, that revokes the laws of physics.  In Israel, it is believed that water has a "memory".  Global enterprises are replacing chemicals with "revitalized" water from a simple naturalist.  Medical doctors examine the healing power of water falls.  The results of all these tests are fascinating and measurable, but the physical causes are not yet clear.  GRANDER water revitalisation is also presented in this connection; scientifically not proven but many times over tests in practice. As reported by many well-known industrial companies.

Hans Kronberger presents "Our knowledge is a drop" - new research findings about water in his 45-minute documentation.

>> Film: Our Knowledge is just a drop


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