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Function & Effect

How does GRANDER water revitalisation work?

The GRANDER water revitalisation is a process of information transfer from water to water.  A GRANDER water revitalisation device consists of chambers, which are filled with so-called “information water”, that has a high order and stability. When water flows through this device, the positive characteristics of the information water are transferred to the conventional tap water without it ever coming in contact with the information water – the GRANDER effect.

What changes actually happen in GRANDER revitalized water?

The inner structure is the decisive factor for the characteristics of water.  Changes to the structure lead to changes in the characteristics.  The uniqueness of the GRANDER water revitalisation lies in the specific and lasting effect it has on the inner structure of the water, giving the water once again a stable inner structure and changing its physical and microbiological characteristics positively.

What effects does the change in structure have in GRANDER revitalized water?

The regained order and stability of the water’s inner structure and the associated physical and microbiological changes lead to an improvement in the qualitative characteristics of the GRANDER revitalized water. Physical Characteristics: Stronger dissolving properties of the water enable a reduction in the use of laundry and cleaning substances Greater carrying power and transportability of undissolved substances in water, as a basis for Changed build-up and corrosive behaviour of the water that tends to decrease the formation of deposits and rust Changed environment for the microbiology in the water as a result of the change to the microbiological characteristic. Microbiological Characteristics: Increased power for self-purification, which gives the water the capability with the help of the microbiology to clean itself again Increased resistibility, which makes the water resistant to new stress Increased durability of the water due to the increased resistance Decreased microbial contamination and potential of re-contamination due to the changed microbiological characteristics

Which factors within water does GRANDER not have an influence on?

The application of a GRANDER water revitalisation does not have an effect of the following characteristics: Grade of hardness and Chemical substances in the water Disinfection (even when the potential of (re)contamination of GRANDER revitalized water is proven to be reduced; it is not a means of disinfection!!)

How long does the effect last?

The effects are not limited to a certain time period.  Effects based on experiences of users have lasted for 30 years or more.  Many devices have been in use for more than 20 years, in which the full GRANDER effect is still noticeable. 

How can the efficacy be tested by somebody in their own home?

Most people notice the difference between revitalized and non-revitalized water very quickly.  The difference is even stronger if one does taste tests using beverages with intense tastes.  “....take the lemon taste test....”

What is the effect like in regard to lime?

The lime stays in the water.  Through the increased carrying power and transportability of the revitalized tap water, the tendency towards build-up or deposits in the pipes is decreased.  Any remaining lime deposits can be easily removed.

What is the effect like in regard to (rust) corrosion?

The corrosiveness in revitalized tap water is reduced and stabilized as well as the rust build-up in the pipe system including all the sanitary installations.

Can heavy metals, medication build-ups, etc. be eliminated through GRANDER; what effect does GRANDER have on these substances?

Material matter can only be removed through fine filtering (i.e. by osmosis or activated carbon filter).  Although a revitalisation according to an effective filtration (ultra-filtration)makes sense to create optimal conditions once again for the information and structure of the water.  Since all so-called trace substances leave a “print”, on a fine material level, on the structure of the water even after their removal , which will be returned to its ordered state and stable structure by means of the GRANDER water revitalisation.  The provision for this being that the material components were removed and lie below the official limiting value.

How is GRANDER water revitalisation different from other water treatment methods (vitalisation, energisation, magnetization, crystals, stones/minerals,....)

There is a possibility to change water.  Water treatments through magnets, electro-magnets, crystals, etc.... can have effects on the taste, appearance and the behaviour in regard to lime and corrosion characteristics of water.  The uniqueness of GRANDER water revitalisation lies in its broad range of efficacy.  Apart from the above-mentioned physical characteristics there are also microbiological (self-purifying, high resistance, longer durability, decreased (re)contamination....) characteristics, that are affected through the altered behaviour of micro-organisms in GRANDER revitalized water.  This was also the reason why Johann Grander gave the name “water revitalisation” to his invention; after being able to see under the microscope repeatedly that “normal” water began to regenerate itself when he added a drop of revitalized water to it.  Johann Grander, “Water literally regained its life again.”

Is revitalized water “clockwise rotating”?

In everyday life the term “clockwise rotating” is often used synonymously with “good, energized water”.  In this light one could answer with “yes”.  However, this term does not have any physical relevance.  In most cases we understand “clockwise or counter-clockwise rotating” to refer to the turning direction of activated or levitated water through turbulence or the rotation of water due to Coriolis force (deviation due to the earth’s movement – northern hemisphere clockwise rotating, southern hemisphere counter-clockwise rotating).  These terms are also used in connection with the optical activity of lactic acid, whereby we refer to two kinds of lactic acid:  levo/left-turning (-) and dextro/right-turning (+) lactic acids.  However, there is absolutely no evidence that the direction of rotation – whether left or right-turning -  has an effect on the quality of the water.

Application & Reference

Where and how is a GRANDER device installed?

A GRANDER water revitalisation device is installed in the central water intake.  We offer suitable models for all standard installation situations (house supply pipe, apartment supply pipe, below washbasin installation,.....)  The installation is easy in most cases and can be done by a specialized technicians using standard commercial parts.

Who can install a GRANDER device?

GRANDER water revitalisation are installed by your professional plumber.  The installation is done according to the provided installation instructions.  Normally the installation is carried out without a hitch and using standard commercial parts.

Which device do I require for my needs?

In order to choose the proper device certain factors must be considered:  pipe dimension, peak use, load factor of the water as well as the on-site installation situation.  The pipe dimensions should never be fallen short of.  GRANDER expert consultants help you make the right choice regarding the size of device required.     Water Revitalisation Devices 

What materials are used in a GRANDER device and how long do they last?

GRANDER water revitalisation devices are a true Austrian quality product.  They are robust and manufactured in high quality stainless steel.  Therefore, they guarantee a long-lasting durability and long-term use for customers.     Additional Information 

Do GRANDER devices require maintenance – long term or continuous?

Grander water revitalisation devices work without electricity and/ or additives, and do not require any service or maintenance. 

Is it possible to combine a GRANDER device with other water treatment devices?

Should any devices be necessary or specified for conventional water treatment (i.e. ion exchangers, UV disinfection devices, osmosis devices, magnet devices,...), GRANDER can support these other units, but not replace them.  Basically, the Grander device should be installed after such treatment devices.  The same holds true for filter devices. 

Where can I purchase a GRANDER device?

We emphasize the importance of optimal customer consultation and service.  Therefore, we choose to schedule a personal consultation and inspection directly on site.  Expert Grander consultants will answer any questions you may have at your location and inform you about application uses of the GRANDER water revitalisation.  Get your free consultation with no strings attached today! 

How much does a GRANDER device cost?

The requirements are often very different and the pricing as well.  For this reason a personal consultation and inspection on site is so important.  A basic device for drinking water  for a single family home ranges in price from  € 1,500 to € 1,800 (excl. VAT) depending on the situation and requirements.  The investment in a GRANDER water revitalisation device is a one-time investment, since its effect has no time limit and further use of this device will not incur other costs such as maintenance, service or  electricity costs.

Experiences of the Effects

What are the many positive experiences using the GRANDER water revitalisation based on?

The positive effects of water revitalisation have been observed in many different  application areas (private homes, industrial use, commercial use, swimming pools, hotel & restaurant industry, bakeries, etc.) for more than 20 years now.  Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide experience the effect of revitalized water daily.  Various studies impressively show the positive effect.  After extensive tests regarding GRANDER water revitalisation in companies, institutions and food manufacturing, the environmental organisation B.A.U.M. (Federal German Working Group for Environmental Management Association) came to the following conclusion in their final report: “Through the results shown in the tests B.A.U.M. supports and recommends the use of the GRANDER water revitalisation.”   B.A.U.M. study 

In terms of PRIVATE USERS, where do the benefits in value and application lie?

The main application of the GRANDER water revitalisation is in for drinking water.  People who value high quality drinking water in particular appreciate the fine taste of revitalized water as well as the feeling their skin has when bathing or showering.  Garden enthusiasts enjoy GRANDER very quickly too, since their plants react impressively to the revitalized water.   By installing a GRANDER device in the heating system, dirty heating water becomes clear and odourless within a few months and the tendency to a build-up of rust and sludge is significantly reduced.  In swimming pools bathers experience a change in the way the revitalized swimming pool water feels so soft; one is totally relaxed after a swim in revitalized water.  Due to the high dissolving power of revitalized water both laundry and cleaning substances can be used sparingly.  The tendency to a build-up of lime and rust is decreased.  Apart from the main effects in the various application areas there are many personal observations and experiences made by GRANDER users that are so impressive.  

In terms of COMMERCIAL USE, where does the benefit of use lie?

Nowhere else is the area of application of the GRANDER water revitalisation so varied as in the hotel and restaurant industry.  Apart from the drinking water, shower and bathing water, swimming pool water, heating water, etc. the kitchen counts to one of the special areas of application since the food takes on a more intense taste due to the preparation with revitalized water.  In addition, guests appreciate more and more when revitalized drinking water flows right out of the facility’s taps.  Many food manufacturers recognized the increased quality in their products achieved by using GRANDER water revitalisation.   The broad range of users reaches from cheese dairies, butcher’s, fruit and vegetable producers, mills,  specialized bakeries, that take great pride in the delicate taste and the long-lasting freshness their products now have, all the way to breweries and beverage manufacturers, that praise in particular the drinkability of their beverages.  The objectives in agriculture through the use of GRANDER are healthier animals, improved nutrient availability through the optimized liquid manure.  The positive effect of the revitalized water on plants are seen by many nurseries, likewise from hairdressers, who have come to the conclusion that people’s hair feels softer, shampoos create more lather and the water is gentler on  their hands.  There are many more commercial applications in which water plays an important role.

What makes GRANDER so attractive for INDUSTRIAL USE?

Manufacturing is an area where only facts and measured results count.  GRANDER water revitalisation is put to use frequently in the manufacturing of plastics and metal, where water plays an important role in the production process.  It is mainly the cooling circuits that cause problems for many companies.  The cooling down of machines is a key production factor.  Sludge build-up of the cooling water due to high bacterial components lead to a standstill in production or even a fall-out, which means huge losses for any series production.  In addition, there are often unbearable odour problems due to the awful stench.  With the GRANDER water revitalisation continuous positive results, confirmed through measurement reports,  could be determined in many companies using the GRANDER system.  Such results include significant improvement of the cooling water condition all the way to better drinking water quality, a reduction of the odour problem through an improvement of the bacteriological situation, a decrease in rust build-up through reduction of iron content in the water, reduction of production down time and considerable decrease of costs through savings on chemicals, etc.   Apart from the technical and economic benefits, for most companies it is about the sustainability as a consequence of the reduced burden on the resource water. The numerous, positive results led to internationally acclaimed companies publically endorsing GRANDER and their achievements.  

GRANDER for industrial use / YouTube

The success of GRANDER water revitalisation for industrial applications was confirmed within the framework of an empirical study in a thesis at the University of Graz 2007, in which 32 industrial companies  from Austria, Germany and Switzerland were examined, all of which were using GRANDER.  

How long has GRANDER existed?

The international success of GRANDER water revitalisation makes it possible to build up a worldwide business network.  After more than 22 years of market presence GRANDER is now represented on all 5 continents.

Grander & Science

Where does water research stand today?

 Water research is developing constantly.  Since the beginning of the 90’s well-known water researchers have been studying the extraordinary characteristics of water from new perspectives.  Similarly GRANDER’s own research department is in contact with water researchers the world over and tries to inform them about new knowledge.  However, the fact remains, that basic knowledge and fundamental research is still lacking in order to form an exact description of water.  GRANDER cannot provide the missing fundamental research, but they are able to document the effects in the practice, which has been done now for a long time in their own laboratory.

What makes water so “puzzling”?

Water always presents new questions again and again.  The more intensely one studies it, the more puzzling and mysterious it seems.  The chemical formula H2O does not begin to explain the complexity and effect that water has. Philipp Ball, long-time editor of the renowned science magazine “Science”, was quoted in 2008, “It is embarrassing to admit, but the substance that covers two-thirds of our planet is still so puzzling.  Even worse, the more insight we gain, the more problems  arise: new techniques that go deeper into the molecular structure of flowing water, confront us with more and more questions.”  Johann Grander worked on this for many years in order to gain knowledge about these mysteries presented by water.  People’s fascination with water has increased over the last few years. 

Why is water labelled as “anomalous”?

The characteristics of water are so completely different from other comparable elements, that it has been coined “anomalous”.  The more than 60 anomalies of water show that this element along with its characteristics and abilities require a lot more explanation and that the conventional examination methods are not adequate enough to explain and research water in its perfection.  Viktor Gutmann, two-time candidate for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, commented, “It is not water that is anomalous, but rather our formulas are not adequate in describe the phenomenon called water."

What is the meaning behind the process of the GRANDER water revitalisation?

The basic concept of the process of information transfer lies in the improvement of the water structure to strengthen the self-purification and resistance of the water.  Through this a natural, stable “immune system” is created in the water.  The inner structure is the decisive factor for the characteristics of water.  Structural changes lead to alterations to the characteristics.  The more stable the inner structure is, the more resistant water is to extreme stress and thus, more capable to maintain the information exchange with nature, i.e. to take on information, store it and transfer it on.  In the official evaluation of drinking water, there is very little importance placed on the water structure even today.  This lies in the fact that we are unable to measure it.

Is there a scientific explanation for the way in which GRANDER water revitalisation works?

Even if there is not an adequate scientific explanation for the effect of GRANDER water revitalisation, in the meantime it is undeniable for scientists that water stores information, can pass it on and living beings react to the altered information condition of this water.  There are plausible theories from esteemed researchers.  The core message on the topic of information storage comes from Prof. Eshel Ben Jacob.  He proves that this effect happens in nature.  His results are guaranteed and documented through reproducible processes. News article with further links to Prof. Eshel Ben Jacob

Criticism and Sceptics

How does Grander stand up to criticism from sceptics?

“Every good thing has its opponents,”  Johann Grander states.   Accordingly, we accept the right to criticize the process of water revitalisation, even more so when the strongest critics often become enthusiastic supporters once they recognize the practical success of GRANDER water revitalisation.  The way in which critical reports and comments are presented, mainly on the internet, cannot be taken seriously in regard to GRANDER water revitalisation, since they are too polemic and not based on scientific arguments.

What is the criticism from these sceptics based on?

The sceptics consider everything to be pseudo-scientific, which cannot (yet) be explained using the available methods of scientists.  This encompasses not only the GRANDER water revitalisation, but also areas of complementary and alternative medicine all the way to acupuncture and homeopathy.  Anything we don’t know and can’t explain based on traditional science, is, according to them, “humbug and superstition.”  They take on the position that the claimed effects of GRANDER water revitalisation conflict with the current scientific knowledge and for this reason it has no effect at all.  They cannot accept that things exist between heaven and earth which cannot be scientifically explained even though they are proven to work and have an effect in the practice.

How does GRANDER react to the allegations from the sceptics that water revitalisation has no effect whatsoever?

If that was the case, then the question arises: how were we able to convince hundreds of thousands of people worldwide of the obvious, positive effects of our product?  And this, although every customer can return the device within 3 months no-questions-asked and receive a full refund.  This is an offer which is very rarely taken advantage of.  Surveys confirm that 90% of the GRANDER users, which have installed a water revitalisation device, are very satisfied with it.  Moreover, the effects of GRANDER water revitalisation are measureable in industrial application.  So, the practice does show more than 30 years of successful results using GRANDER.

What is really behind the statement that GRANDER water revitalisation is only "pseudo-scientific nonsense originating from the esoteric milieu"?

This is the assertion made by a Viennese biologist and founding member of the “Viennese Sceptics”, which was the basis of a legal dispute between 2003 and 2006.  The court decided that this claim was based on personal evaluation and fell within the freedom of opinion, therefore the court cannot prevent it. This does not mean, that the court granted a ruling in his favour supporting his claim that GRANDER is “esoteric nonsense”, which is often the way it is falsely presented.


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