The GRANDER Technology: Studies & scientifically proven effects


The secret is no longer a secret.

GRANDER technology, hardly any technological achievement of the past decades, has polarized experts and media coverage so strongly.

Only the development of new, physical measuring methods and new fields of study made it possible to scientifically document and finally prove the effects of GRANDER. The long-held secret about function and mode of action is no longer a secret.

Here, very briefly, is the current status, compared to the past, in documented, reproducible setups and peer reviewed:

The following studies in the field of "Applied Water Physics" were conducted, reviewed and published using a GRANDER/IPF water core magnet in the experimental setup:

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    Fig. 9a: Comparison of raw sediments - unrevitalized water


    Fig. 9a: Comparison of raw sediments - revitalized water

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