What is GRANDER water?

We are all about the core element of water.

GRANDER water revitalization devices consist of a revitalized water core in a weakly magnetized metal housing. The water for the core originally comes from the spring of the copper mine in Jochberg and is produced by means of a generator developed by Johann Grander.

Through the interaction of the effects of the magnetic field applied by the GRANDER water revitalizer in conjunction with the water core prepared according to GRANDER, the water revitalizer is able to transfer natural impulses to the water without coming into contact with it itself.

This effect has been proven, tested and confirmed in two studies conducted by European universities using the experimental setup with GRANDER Energy Rod Double. Thus, tap water is stabilized and regenerated in a natural way.

An invention that went around the world and is used in many ways today

What many do not know: Water is a living system and as such it also has the ability to regenerate. The basic idea of Johann Grander's process is to improve the structure of water - thus strengthening its self-purification and resistance and creating stability in the water.

Johann Grander's goal was to make the properties of revitalized water - with all its positive effects for humans, animals and plants - transferable to any drinking water. For the benefit of all those who drink this water and incorporate it into their daily lives - in the truest sense of the word.

GRANDER water revitalization devices work without electricity and without chemical additives. In addition, the devices require no service or maintenance. They are either installed directly into the water pipe, installed at the faucet or hung directly into the basins and containers.

The water revitalized by GRANDER is characterized by the following properties, among others: 

  • finer taste (and thus increased drinking pleasure)
  • longer shelf life
  • pleasant, softer feeling for skin and hair during bathing and showering
  • noticeable freshness, more intense taste and longer shelf life of food products
  • improved plant growth and striking blooms
  • savings on detergents and cleaning agents
  • protection of the heating system due to cleaner heating water
  • Animals instinctively prefer it
  • The water returns to the natural water cycle regenerated and strengthened

The effective power of GRANDER water revitalization devices is always maintained, even during downtimes and after several years of use!

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