Johann Granders findings

Johann Granders findings

Johann Grander was far ahead of his time

Some people are way ahead of their time. They recognize groundbreaking connections, but they will only be understood after many years.

Johann Grander is one of those visionary people. His statements about nature, about life and especially about the water, are more than 30 years old. And it shows today that Grander's findings are more relevant than ever.

Two skills distinguish Johann Grander as an inventor and natural scientist: his deep insights into complicated natural processes and the knowledge of how to use them by purposefully combining natural materials with technical aids.


At the beginning was water

Millions of years ago the earth was completely covered with water.  Everything was in motion and could flow freely.  A state of perfect energetic order.  Where water flows freely and can find its way, that is where water is the regulating force of nature still today.

Drug Residues in Water

From the many findings and statements made by Johann Grander, his warning of the danger of drug residues in our drinking water is particularly interesting, since this topic is currently being discussed in the media.

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