GRANDER Water - source of joy

Pleasure and well-being for humans, animals and plants

GRANDER® Water Revitalization is based on the principle of information transmission and thereby naturally enhances water's biological quality and stability.

Water possesses a changable inner structure

The basic idea of GRANDER is to positively change the inner structure of water, thereby giving it back its assimilative capacity and resilience.

Water naturally possesses remarkable features which it is only able to uphold if it is kept in its natural state and spared from pollution. Tap water loses those features as it is pushed through pipes at high pressure and exposed to radio- and microwaves. The water consquentially lacks its vividness and flatens out.

GRANDER revitalizes your tap water and makes it what it is supposed to be again: Powerful, energetic and natural

Hotline 00 800 000 20335

Free phone international service number for calls from AT, DE (Landline, mobile), IT (Landline), CH (Landline), ES (Landline), FR (Landline)


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