Water is more than H20

Johann Grander had already realized at the beginning of his research work that the mere chemical formula "H20" is inadequate to explain the element of water.

What is water and what defines and constitutes it?

Seen from a scientific perspective one still encounters unanswered questions when researching water.  The phenomenon of water has not been comprehensively researched - again and again special features and characteristics of water are being discovered, that offer new, unassumed application and are extremely valuable for human beings.

Johann Grander recognized that water is life.  It influences the metabolism as well as cell functions.

Water has numerous characteristics and facets, and can be observed from multiple perspectives.

A very special substance

As laymen one assumes that there are liquid and solid substances. Within the category of liquids there are some which have a fresh and lively flow, whereas others are very slow-moving. However, in physics there is an enormous number of deviations, but in particular, water proves to have a number of anomalies, that often create mysteries for scientists.