Practice Dr. Geiger, Dentistry specialist in Waldstaetten

Less postoperative complaints thanks to GRANDER®

Dentist Geiger is more than satisfied with the GRANDER® Water Revitalziation @Springhorn Media
Doctor Normann Geiger is a dentist in the German village of Waldstetten. In 2007, he installed GRANDER® in the main water pipe and realized that the desire for water had risen - not only with him and his wife, but also with the horses.

So he decided to use the GRANDER® Water Revitalization also in his practice. In practical work, he found that the plaster models became more stable and rarely broke apart. Meanwhile, Dr. Geiger is enthusiastic about the GRANDER® animated water and would not want to miss it any more.

Dr. Geiger describes his experiences with GRANDER® in 90 seconds, both in dental practice and in private life ... Have fun!