Revitalized Dog Swimming Pool in Rheinmünster (DE)

Relaxing on a dog day with GRANDER® revitalized water

Revitalized Dog Swimming Pool in Rheinmünster (DE) © Hundeschule Rheinmünster
Cooling off in the pool and then getting a nice massage followed by a new haircut: the perfect wellness day for many people. Such a full-service relaxation package is now also available to dogs. What is the story behind the ‘dog inn baden’ in the Rhein Plain at the foot of the Northern Black Forest close to the town of Baden-Baden?

Once upon a time, there were a physical therapist for dogs, a dog trainer, and a dog enthusiast who met up and decided that the world, or at least Germany, was in need of a public dog swimming pool complete with a training facility.

‘dog inn baden,’ which opened its doors to all dogs in early 2018, is full of life, laughter, barking, joy, and GRANDER® revitalized water.

The generous 700-square-meter facility houses a swimming and a training area. A state-of-the-art dog wash can be found at the entrance.

Only GRANDER® revitalized water is used at ‘dog inn baden,’ which not only ensures that dogs are bathing in outstanding drinking-water quality, but also keeps chlorine use low. This means twice the wellness for the dogs.

Numerous health benefits of using GRANDER® revitalized water have been shown in animal husbandry and pet keeping. Animals’ bodies are highly sensitive, and many react very positively to revitalized water. Animals drink more water, are thus less prone to diseases, and show improvements in general health.

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