The Hansen Family’s Racing Stable, Faxe, Denmark

Happy horses thanks to revitalized water

The Hansen Family’s Racing Stable, Faxe, Denmark (c) Springhorn Media
The small town of Faxe in Denmark is home to Gitte and Hans-Henning Hansen, two avid horse lovers with their own stable. Six to eight trotting horses the Hansens ride in races live at their stable.

The two hobby jockeys have won several races, among them the Danish and Nordic championships.

After installing a GRANDER® Inline Unit in 2017, they noticed that they themselves and also the horses drink more water and find it easy to do so. For the horses, sufficient water intake is particularly important after the training to offset the loss of fluid due to sweating. If this is effectively realized, there is also a positive impact on the animals’ training and performance.

The Hansens also report about positive effects in their home and stable: there is a significantly smaller amount of lime deposits, and they find it easier to clean the coffee machine, which in turn extends its service life. Also cleaning the bathrooms is accomplished more swiftly and with more ease, and it has become easier to keep the water troughs on the paddocks and the stables clean. And finally, their laundry has become softer. Ms Hansen leaves no doubt about it, ‘We are always happy to recommend the use of GRANDER®!’

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