Eggermann Horse Pension - the horses' well-being is top priority

Since the installation of the GRANDER® water revitalisation it was immediately noticeable that the horses were drinking more, were hardly suffering from colics any more and new arrivals soon had a shiny coat... truly impressive!

At the horse pension, where residents are offered a natural way of life, the horses' well-being is a top priority. In order to achieve this the owner considered offering daily pasture time and social contact with other horses plus individualized feeding.

In the year 2011 Hartmut Eggemann (agricultural master) and Mattia Eggemann (Master of Equine Sciences) discovered the essential element of water and decided to do some research with an experiment involving GRANDER.

Since then revitalized water as an energy source has been flowing at the horse pension, and they noticed that the horses actually drink more, hardly suffer from colics any more and new members soon have shiny coats.

"It is a huge advantage that the drinking stations outdoors don't fill up with algae so quickly any more, which of course, improves the water quality and leads to less work for us," Hartmut Eggemann explains, owner and agricultural master of the horse pension.

Not only the horses are 'revitalised', but also the riders, as GRANDER water is available for all the riders in the riders' sitting room.  The owners have noticed,

"When you become familiar with the taste of GRANDER, you never want to do without."


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