Bees follow their instinct and are attracted to GRANDER water

Bees know what is good for them.  The organism of animals is very sensitive and therefore, many animals "recognize" revitalized GRANDER® water and react very positively to it.

As a successful baker and experienced beekeeper, Josef Sattler knows the benefits of revitalized water – not only in baking, but also his bees “prefer” revitalized GRANDER water.

In order to test whether bees actually recognize revitalized water, Josef Sattler constructed two bee drinking troughs, which he placed near his bee hives at a distance of approx. 1 meter apart. 

Both drinking troughs were identically made, looked the same and contained the same amount of water – however, one drinking trough was filled with normal water and the other had revitalized GRANDER water.  The drinking trough with revitalized water was frequented far more and was always fully occupied with bees.  Butterflies as well as hornets also used the drinking trough. 

When the beekeeper switched the water in the drinking troughs, something he did again and again to “test the intelligence of the bees”, it only took a short while before all the bees found their way to the drinking trough with the revitalized water.

Josef Sattler is proud of his seven bee colonies and claims, “The animals are clever, pure and follow their instinct.”

Just like his bread, Josef Sattler’s honey is also certified by Naturland.  Not only in the bakery, but also in the apiary he works with traditional methods and closely with nature. GRANDER supports him in all areas of his work.

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