Bathing & Showering

A source of freshness

From the bathroom to the at-home spa - refreshingly invigorating with GRANDER® water revitalization .  The revitalized water does both skin and hair good - GRANDER® refines and turns tap water into soft, feel-good water.

Relaxed bathing and refreshing showers take on a completely new quality.  Thanks to GRANDER® less shampoo, shower gel or bath additives are needed to achieve the desired, clean effect including the positive side effects: your hair shines, the skin feels like it's been exfoliated and your muscles are relaxed.

Bathing and wellness fans swear by GRANDER® revitalized water because:

  • it provides a feel-good effect while bathing and showering
  • it is gentle on skin and hair
  • it cuts down on the amount of bathing products needed
  • it returns to nature in a revitalized state


GRANDER® Inline Units are fast and easy to install and can be mounted at any time.



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