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Florist Eva Steiger from Eisenstadt Waters Plants with GRANDER

  • A reference in the field of Garten / Pflanzen Österreich

Eva Steiger’s florist shop on the Schlossquartier Esterhazy premises in Eisenstadt is certified as an enterprise serving the common good. A main prerequisite of this certification is that an enterprise operates in an environmentally sustainable way.


Toni and Vreni von Rotz

  • A reference in the field of Garten / Pflanzen Schweiz

"We have been using the GRANDER® water revitalisaton for years now.  My wife is very enthusiastic about it.  The garden also gets GRANDER® water and blossoms vibrantly."  Toni von Rotz-Siegfried from St. Gallenkappel, Switzerland comments.


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