Films about Johann Grander and Water

Johann Grander is the ambassador of revitalised water. It symbolizes respect for creation, modesty and unconventional thinking.
His life, his discovery but also the experiences of users and the science behind revitalized water are popular topics of TV documentaries and reports.

Enjoy watching the films surrounding the topic of water and Johann Grander.

Holiday House Brucker, Bavaria

Sylvia and Hannes Brucker are running „Holiday House Brucker“ at Kochel am See, in Bavaria. About 8 years ago they had issues with dirty water pipes in their guest house. A plumber came and suggested installing a GRANDER® unit.


Myth and Reality

In the meantime, the water revitalisation has become a frequently quoted and used term.  The short film "GRANDER® Water:  Myth and Reality" is a documentation about the creation, development, function and effect of the water revitalisation.


Crystal Clear Water for the Industry

Many people are familiar with GRANDER® water revitalisation in private homes and apartments. How and why water revitalisation is becoming more and more popular for its industrial use can be seen in the film "Crystal Clear Water for the Industry" through the international companies using it. 


ISO-Tech plastic production in Germany

For more than eight years the GRANDER® water revitalization technology has been in use at the production facility in Ahaus / North Rhine-Westphalia. Before the use of GRANDER® there were always failures: the cooling units were stalled, the heat exchangers clogged, the pumps had failures due to impurities.


Johann Grander's 80th Birthday

Johann Grander celebrated his 80th birthday on April 24, 2010 surrounded by his family, many friends, GRANDER® users and well-wishers.  On this occasion he opened the special exhibit "Life Journey of Johann Grander"


Country Inn Paulus in Nonnweiler, Germany

The country inn PAULUS in Nonnweiler is a special kind of hotel.  Atmosphere, ambience, freshness and enjoyment are wonderfully united - the "creative designers" behind this concept are Thomas A. Nickels and Sigrune Essenpreis, for whom GRANDER® plays an important role in their concept...


Water for Enjoyment

The GRANDER water revitalisation turns our normal tap water back into what it should be: natural, lively and healthy day after day.  We feel it and we can taste it as well.


Coffee Press Test

Edmund E. Mayr - curator and chief instructor at the Coffee Competency Centre & Coffee Museum in Vienna - demonstrates the differences between revitalized and non-revitalized water by means of the "coffee press" test.


The Waterman from Tyrol

The film production "The Waterman from Tyrol" shows the life of Johann Grander.  With a lot of wisdom, humor and self-irony Grander talks about his discover and his approach to nature.  Friends and enthusiastic uses of GRANDER® water, as well as Hansi Hinterseer and the Archbishop of Salzburg, Alois Kothgasser, also put in their two-cents-worth.



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