Revitalized water in bottles

Following Johann Grander´s natural procedure, the Original GRANDER BLUE WATER is a revitalized water that brings from its origin all the preconditions that display a pure, high-quality and bacteriologically clean drinking water.
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The water for the Original GRANDER BLUE WATER is taken from the Stephanie spring, which originates at a depth of 520 meters in the shafts of the Kupferplatte (Copperplate) mine in the Kitzbuehel Alps, Austria - completely protected from influences in the environment; it is unique in its quality, structure and purity.

The uniqueness of this water lies within its natural way of staying fresh for at least 4 years - without the use of additives or conventional methods of preservation.

In order to experience its natural power, a regular consumption of small amounts is adequate.


1 Liter with original seal

packed in boxes with 4 x 1 liter bottles


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