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Panorama Hotel Waldenburg

  • A reference in the field of Hotels / Gastronomie Deutschland
Ever since the four-star Panorama Hotel Waldenburg in the Hohenlohe region close to Schwäbisch Hall opened its doors in September 2018, its guests have been offered GRANDER® revitalized water.

Wild Food Café, London, UK

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  • A reference in the field of Hotels / Gastronomie International
Joel and Aiste Gazdar, the proprietors of the Wild Food Café, operate two restaurants in the London districts of Islington and Covent Garden. They have been using GRANDER® water revitalization for almost ten years now.

The Ramoser Family’s ‘Hoferbauer’ Hotel in Ritten

  • A reference in the field of Hotels / Gastronomie Österreich
The overwhelming positive feedback of many GRANDER® users convinced the Ramoser family to make an investment in March 2018: the installment of a GRANDER® Inline Unit. GRANDER® revitalized water now runs through all pipes at the ‘Hoferbauer’ hotel in Ritten.

Dinzler Coffee Roasting Establishment - coffee is our life

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  • A reference in the field of Hotels / Gastronomie Deutschland
In 2000 the Richter family decided to have GRANDER® water revitalisation installed in their Dinzler Coffee Roasting Establishment in Irschenberg, Germany.  "We discovered through taste trials that the coffee made with GRANDER® was smoother, softer and overall more flavourful, and we also find that through GRANDER® the aroma of the coffee unfolds much better," Katrin Richter reports.

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