Bakery Schmid - Hallerbaeck

  • A reference in the field of Bäckereien Österreich
The Schmid Bakery in Hall near Admont is a family-run business, that has passed on the art of baking for generations.  Through the installation of the GRANDER® Water Revitalisation in 2003, the production could achieve countless improvements as well as savings, and the quality and shelf-life of the products has increased too.

Mohn Bakery - Mohn becomes addictive

  • A reference in the field of Bäckereien Schweiz
The  corridor through the baking room of the Mohn Bakery in Berg, Switzerland clearly shows:  the baker knows his craft.  From rapid hand movements for kneeding the dough and layering the ovens, to garnishing the cakes all the way to making sandwiches the master baker has things covered and he uses GRANDER® water for everything he does.

30 years Bakery-Confectionery Fleischli AG - A success story!

  • A reference in the field of Bäckereien Schweiz
Rene Fleischli, the company's founder, says, "I have always lived 100% of my responsibilities as a food provider."  This includes, among other things, the fact that GRANDER® water has been used exclusively for over 15 years.  Rene Fleischli comments, "Thanks to the use of GRANDER® water, flour binds much more water and can be processed more gently resulting in more compact doughs and an even better quality of the baked goods."  In 2010, production and the other branch locations were switched over to GRANDER®, which has since then also been served to the guests in the various cafe restaurants.  

Hotline +800 000 20335

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