GRANDER® Drinking Fountains

Offering fresh, revitalized water everywhere, that the value the of drinking water should be increased

The GRANDER® Drinking Fountains are installed in combination with a GRANDER® Inline Unite, that is placed either in the central main water pipe or in the supply line.  

Wall-mounted Models

To be mounted on walls and vertical surfaces with water supply and drainage on the back side.

Wall Model small - Measurements:

202 mm wide, 550 mm high, 202 mm deep

Wall Model large - Measurements:

445 mm wide, 653 mm high, 202 mm deep


Free-standing Models

To be placed upright on the floor with water supply and drainage in the columns.

Free-standing Model - Measurements:

445 mm wide, 1,510 mm high, 202 mm deep

Additional Info

  • Area of use: Everywhere that the quality of the drinking water should be improved
  • Material:

    Made of hardened glass and high-quality stainless steel with a self-closing tap lever

  • Guarantee / Warranty: 2 years


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