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Great innovations spread across the whole world. Starting at Johann Grander's "thinker hut" in the Tyrolean Alps, a worldwide network of private customers and industrial users has been steadily developed and is continuing to grow.

The elegant white Lipizzans of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, the Seaport Hotel in Boston or the famous Libby's pinapples from Bangkok - all of them are satisfied GRANDER® customers.

Our customers share a deep compassion for water as a valuable ressource and they know that the quality of water, no matter where it is used, does make a difference.

Via our distributor network GRANDER® is globally available, keeping the goal in mind to provide humans, animals and plants with the best possible water quality.


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GRANDER® Customer Appreciation Day

GRANDER® Customer Appreciation Day


Three times each year GRANDER® opens its doors of the company headquarters to GRANDER® users and partners. Read more

GRANDER®-Sommerseminar für Export-Partner in Straßburg

GRANDER®-Sommerseminar für Export-Partner in Straßburg


Immer größer und dichter wird es - das GRANDER®-Partner-Netzwerk in Europa. Immer wieder trommelt GRANDER®... Read more

GRANDER® water photo of the month

GRANDER® water photo of the month


The GRANDER® water photo of the month of June shows Schloss Grundlsee by Hans-Jürgen Reißig... Read more