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Heating the Wigger Residential Complex in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

  • A reference in the field of Heizen & Systemschutz Deutschland

Already in 2001, GRANDER® Inline Units were installed to revitalize the drinking water in all five buildings of the Wigger residential complex in the German town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. As the inhabitants’ feedback was so positive, a further unit was installed to also revitalize the complex’s heating system in 2007.


GRANDER Heats Kindergarten in Oberpullendorf

  • A reference in the field of Heizen & Systemschutz Österreich

The parish kindergarten in Oberpullendorf, having relied on GRANDER® water revitalization for many years now, reports: thanks to GRANDER®, the heating water has been crystal clear and has met drinking water quality requirements since 2004!


Energie Münchwilen AG, 9542 Münchwilen, CH

  • A reference in the field of Heizen & Systemschutz Schweiz

GRANDER® made contributions to the following two projects: the ‘Murgtal wood chip heating plant’ project was kicked off in 2011, but after only a few months of operation, contaminations in the plate heat exchanger started causing problems. Chemical, physical, and microbial analyses showed that the contaminations were caused by microbial factors.


Umberto Saxer, Aadorf, CH

  • A reference in the field of Heizen & Systemschutz Schweiz

The installation of a GRANDER® Circulation Unit has paid off for Umberto Saxer in Aadorf: heating costs have been reduced by up to 30%. As no more silt or rust forms in the heating pipes, the water stays clean and odorless.


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