GRANDER® Energy Rod Single, small

for drinking wells, containers, swimming pools, ponds

The GRANDER® Energy Rod Single, small is ideal for containers will less volume, such as small fountains, water tanks, beverage containers, etc.  

Height:      173,5 mm

Diameter:    34 mm

Weight:       0.5 kg

The GRANDER® Energy Rods (Energy Rod Double and Energy Rod Single, small) are used for pre- and post-revitalisation of fountains and water containers in combination with a GRANDER® Inline Units installed in the main water supply.

The application of the GRANDER® Energy Rods in standing water has also proven very effective. This could be used particularly for water tanks that are stacked for drinking water (i.e. on ships) or for water in other means of storage.

The use of GRANDER® water revitalization is only possible in source or fountain water, which are officially fit for human consumption.

GRANDER® Energy Rods work with natural energy, without electricity and additives, and are service-free as well as maintenance-free. 


Additional Info

  • Area of use: standing water, fountains, containers, swimming pools, ponds
  • Material:

    The GRANDER® Engery Rod Double and Energy Rod Single are made of V4A stainless steel.

  • Guarantee / Warranty:

    2 year warranty on unit installation done by an authorized installation company