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Abundant flowers, healthy plants and good yields - is the wish of every gardener who carefully looks after his/her "seedlings".  Revitalised water does the plants good and supports their development.  They also seem to be more resistant to environmental influences.

A good deed for everything that blossoms

Green thumbs for balcony and flowerbeds:  Naturally location and soil play a major role in gardening. In addition, nutrient-rich soil and light are essential criteria. And yet nothing flourishes without water. What is good for humans, can also be beneficial for plants of all kinds.  Plants sense their environment very precisely; they react gratefully and robustly to revitalized water.  The GRANDER® effect is visible and tangible:  strong shrubs and bushes, abundant blossoms in wonderful colours, rich yields of fruit and vegetables.  Even cut flowers gain freshness.

GRANDER® water revitalization has been used in a big way for a long time now.  Whatever works in agriculture and horticulture, is also well-suited for use in the home.  Watering with revitalized water has several pleasant side effects:  less fertilizer, minimal use of pesticides, fewer deposits in the soil.

Biological balance in the ponds through GRANDER® 

Ponds are very fragile, small eco-systems, that are strongly dependent on their microbiology. GRANDER® can help in these matters by strengthening the self-cleaning process and the biological balance.  "Nature swimmers" find revitalized water particularly soft and pleasant.

Gardeners, farmers and passionate horticulturists swear by GRANDER® because:

  • it allows for reduced use of fertilizers and pesticides
  • it produces stronger plant growth and beautiful flowers
  • it supports the natural self-cleaning process in the pond water
  • it creates and maintains the biological balance
  • it returns to the environment in a revitalised state


Plants grow stong and provide a rich yield with the help of GRANDER®.



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