Heating & System Protection

With GRANDER® is the water in the heating circuit better protected against stresses

The revitalization of the heating water has a very positive effect on the living climate within the home.  The room temperature is considered to be very pleasant and the warmth is cozy.  You get a real desire to surround yourself with the revitalized warmth and you feel how comfortable living in heated rooms can be if the heating water is full of life and energy.

The GRANDER® effect is nowhere more clearly visible than in the heating water:

  • clean and odorless heating water
  • decrease in sludge build-up due to a significant containment of biofilm formation
  • reduction of microbial contamination
  • reduction or stabilization of corrosivity
  • decrease in tendency to deposit
  • heating pipes, radiators, floor and wall heaters are free again without any blockage
  • reduction of gas emissions due to reduced gas formation.

GRANDER® pays off from the very first hour in use:

  • energy saving
  • increased operational safety
  • optimization of operating parameters
  • improvement of the efficiency
  • increased protection of the system in terms of technical problems
  • ongoing optimization

Increased well-being thanks to natural warmth:  The recovered vitality of the heating water ensures a pleasant room temperature!



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