Laundry & Household Cleaning

GRANDER® - a win for households and the environment

GRANDER® reduces the household budget and protects the environment when it comes to cleaning and laundry detergents.

Fresh, clean laundry, streak-free windows and shining floors - which housewife doesn't dream of this? However, nature pays the price of our "clean expectations", because harsh cleaning products are harmful for our environment.  Unfortunately, GRANDER® can't get the job done on its own, but due to the good cleaning performance in combination with the use of revitalized water, a smaller amount of cleaning products is required.  When using the dishwasher and washing machine, the eco settings are adequate to get things clean.  This protects both the environment and your wallet.

Housewives and men alike use GRANDER® water revitalization because:

  • it ensures a more economical use of laundry and cleaning products
  • it provides optimal cleaning results
  • it reduces cleaning costs
  • it returns to nature revitalised


GRANDER® Inline Units decrease the need for cleaning products and protects the environment and your wallet at the same time.



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