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GRANDER® is a win for the industry and an opportunity for the environment

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Numbers, data and facts are what count in the industry. GRANDER® Water delivers these in an impressive manner, for example through the reduction of chemicals, ease of cleaning and maintenance as well as the improvement of production processes.

The industry is one sector where measurements and calculations are done precisely.

It is mainly the circulation systems that cause the majority of the problems. The fact that many technicians in production companies and within the industry sector itself have chosen to do without chemicals and replace them with the GRANDER® water revitalization, doesn't really surprise people anymore. There is a wide range of applications, from plastic production plants to truck assembly factories and from glass manufacturers to newspaper printers. Many companies are not only interested in the technical advantages and economic benefits, but also in protecting the environment; all positive aspects they profit from when using GRANDER® water revitalization.

In the industry, where investments are primarily decided on and approved based on ROI, effects and improvements through GRANDER® water revitalization are meticulously noted and analyzed.  Top-level technicians from well-know, international industrial companies report, that GRANDER®:

  • stabilizes the cooling/process water
  • reduces the use of chemicals
  • minimizes the emission odour
  • conserves resources and is sustainable
  • is quickly amortized
  • offers economical benefits


Within the cooling circulation water has very difficult and unnatural conditions to deal with.  Apart from the pressure, which is forced through the pipes, it is constantly heated up and then cooled again.  Water loses it vitality, strength and liveliness through this "stress situation".  The consequences are often technical problems.

By using GRANDER® water revitalization the cooling circuit water, which is dirty and has a foul smell to it, becomes clear and for the most part odourless once again due to the regained self-cleaning strength.  The effect of GRANDER® Water is also visibly clear.  Still not enough:

The cooling circulation water becomes crystal clear, and apart from the improvement of the technical situation, due to the optimization of the operating parameters an improvement of the level of effectiveness can also be seen.


In order to implement GRANDER® water revitalization successfully in the cooling system, it is necessary to do an exact project analysis.  The GRANDER® advisers are available at all times to provide knowledge and comprehensive experience.


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