LyLys Cherry Blossom Honey

GRANDER® supports the taste of the honey from the garden of Pannonia

LyLys Honey flows through the GRANDER® system Simon Toetschinger LyLys Honey flows through the GRANDER® system
The Pannonia spring begins mid April in the region of Lake Neusiedler - Leithaberg, Austria, where the landscape uncovers a fragrant, white veil ofthe cherry blossoms. Thousands of cherry trees unfold in a magnificent display of blossoms in the cherry blossom region.  Simon Toetschinger captures this spring awakening with the LyLys cherry blossom honey...

At the same time as the blossoming of the cherry trees, which is how this region got its name, you can also see many varieties of flowers such as: yellow pheasant's eyes, dark violett pasque flowers, pink and white delphiniums, violett grape hyacinths as wellas yellow and violett tiny irises, all of which create a colourful sea of flowers on the dry meadow on the south side of Leithage mountain.

All of these blossoms and many more combine to make up the essence of the blossom honey by Lylys.  Simon Toetschinger - bee keeper from Lake Neusiedler - is concerned about the well-being of the bees.  The closer he "works together" with bees, the more he learns to appreciate the bees and nature.  He shows this appreciation and gratitude today through his work as an aparist and the small contribution he makes to ensure a balanced ecology.

His honey - LyLys Honey - is handled with the greatest care and is kept pure as it is filled in the jars.  LyLys Honey is carefully hurled, free of additives and rich in natural ingredients, which are beneficial for the human body. During production, the cosmic rhythms are taken into consideration in order to reach the full potential of quality.  Moreover, this process is additionally supported by GRANDER® water revitalisation, which provides a revitalized effect of the honey on the body.

When asked, why he chose GRANDER®, Simon Toetschinger replies:

"Because the honey has a much softer surface and thus the taste buds in our mouths can taste the honey better.  And for increases flavour!"

With the purchase of real bee honey, you are not only supporting the local apiculture, you are also ensuring the existence of millions of wild plants.

Did you know, that for 1 kilogram of honey a bee must:

  • bring in 3 kg of nectar
  • take 450,000 flights
  • visit 60 million blossoms
  • fly 6 x around the earth


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