Product of the Month of June: GRANDER® Energy Rods

The GRANDER® Energy Rod Single and the GRANDER® Energy Rod Double are ideal for the use in (swimming) pools, lakes, ponds, standing waters, and the like, improving the quality of the water in all of these water bodies in a sustainable manner.

Customer and User Voices on the EFFECTS OF GRANDER® WATER REVITALIZATION – Part 6: Overall Experience

Satisfied customers are truly important to GRANDER®. To assess customer satisfaction and identify potential for improvement, a customer survey was conducted in Austria and Germany in late 2019. In addition to seven specific topics, the survey included questions on customers’ overall experience with GRANDER®, the results of which will be presented in the following.

Product of the Month of May: GRANDER® Inline Units

Feel the primal force of the element of water with GRANDER® water revitalization and fill every cell of your body with positive energy. The devices do not require any service or maintenance and run on natural energy, i.e. they work without electricity, chemicals, or any other additives.

More than ‘Just’ Water

It is no coincidence that animals, which are finely attuned to their surroundings and follow their instincts, prefer water that is revitalized with GRANDER®.

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