Recipe tip: Herbal Smoothie

Local herbs can be found everywhere, even right on our doorstep. Herbs are particularly rich in vitamins, minerals and other ingredients that are good for us. They are also available to everyone free of charge and do not produce any packaging waste or long transport routes. Wild plants and herbs are a real asset for us. Here´s a tip: In combination with GRANDER® revitalized water mixed into a delicious smoothie, which is particularly good as a true energy booster for stressed times.

International World Water Day on 22 March 2020

In 1993, the UN established the international World Water Day to be held annually on 22 March. World Water Day was created as an opportunity to remind people how important it is to use water in a sustainable way. GRANDER® has organized several events and activities for World Water Day to raise awareness of this precious resource.

We care about your health

To all GRANDER® customers and everyone interested in GRANDER®, We are taking the current development of the coronavirus pandemic very seriously, and our customers´and employees´health is very important to us. Compliance with all legal stipulations, which vary widely from country to country, is our number one priority.

Chicken Soup Recipe

Chicken soup, a tried and tested home remedy to ease a runny nose, coughing, and a sore throat, is celebrating a revival.

A Good Life Starts with Excellent Water

Today it is known around the globe that GRANDER® improves the quality of all aspects of people´s daily lives: revitalized water is not only delicious but also boosts your spirits and vitality. GRANDER® is so gentle on your skin that taking a shower of bath fells like a trip to a wellness spa, and tap water acquires a finde taste, turning it into everyone´s favourite drink.

GRANDER® Brings More Life into Your Home

From the morning cup of coffee to brushing teeth in the evening: water is part of our daily routine. GRANDER® takes you back to the source: fresh water, just like from a mountain spring. GRANDER® water revitalization restores water to its original state: powerful, natural, and full of life.

Revitalized Apple-Lemon-Cinnamon Water

The weeks around Christmas are the perfect season to devote some time to the beautiful things in life: many people decide to pamper mind and body, relax, and slow down. Revitalized apple-lemon-cinnamon water can contribute greatly to feeling both refreshed and relaxed. Just give it a try!

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