Memminger Brewery - Allgaeuer Beer with Tradition

The best beer enjoyment with GRANDER®

The traditional Memminger Brewery GmbH situated in the Allgaeu has existed since the end of the 19th century and is one of the most important as well as largest breweries in Germany.  The family business has the objective to make everything even better, and you know that convincing quality is the basis of the business.

Wolfgang Kesselschlaeger, the Managing Director of Memminger Brauerei GmbH, already belongs to the fourth generation, that is in charge of running the company.  About 200,000 hectoliters out of a total of 23 different beers are brewed there.

The managing director, who was initially skeptical about GRANDER® at first, can now only enumerate the benefits, "When I started installing the GRANDER® water revitalization technology, I was not in favor of it, but my father convinced me that it was the right decision.

Since the implementation of GRANDER®, we have found that the yeast feels better, the fermentation process has improved and the aroma components forming the yeast are rounder.

Even the CO2 is finely dissolved, which is clearly evident when tasting, since the taste becomes rounder as a result of this."  Financially speaking, the GRANDER® water revitalization device paid for itself after only one year, as Kesselschlaeger explains:

"We soon realized that we need much less detergent than before, which means we save about 50,000 Euros a year.  But saving does not stop there, because GRANDER® is installed directly in the pipes, does its work, requires no electricity and does not incur any additional costs, since it does not need any maintenance. We couldn't be happier about it."


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