Migros Allmend Fitness Park - the largest strength and stamina training facility in Central Switzerland

Protecting the environment ecologically and economically - with GRANDER® water

The Migros Allend Fitness Park in Lucerne, Switzerland officially opened having an entire area of 4,000 m on August 1, 2012 offering the largest strength and stamina training facility in Central Switzerland as well as a gymnastic room and its very own Pilates studio.  GRANDER® water revitalisation was also used here due to the positive experience at Migros Fitness Park National in Lucerne.

In the generously laid-out wellness area (co-ed and an area only for women) there is a unique sauna landscape complete with a sauna plunge pool, Kneipp garden in the outdoor area as well as a salt lounge (room for dry application of salt with a fine salt spray treatment). With its comprehensive and holistic offers the facility follows the original wellness concept: apart from fitness training the Migros fitness parks place an emphasis on relaxation and nutrition.

Based on the experience made at Migros Ftiness Park National in Lucern, where GRANDER® water revitalisation has been in use for many years, the owners wanted their visitors of Fitness Park Allmend to profit from the positive benefits as well. By far the most noticeable benefit is the soft, pleasant feeling the water has on the skin.  GRANDER® water is also used in the sauna landscape in this facility.  The motto "drinking water makes you fit and healthy" should motivate everyone to drink more.

"We are convinced that we are protecting the environment ecologically as well as economically, and our guests always receive the very best and that means GRANDER® too."



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